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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    Did you know that Coconut Oil takes of mascara?

  2. Yasmine Bzh says:

    I love you rachel you are my inspiration :)

  3. Yasmine Bzh says:

    I love you rachel you are my inspiration :)

  4. saakther14 says:

    I loved your video, you are a very beautiful bright woman, hope to see more
    amazing videos from you, and keep smiling it looks great :)

  5. Kasey Kaczmarczyk says:

    does the coconut oil have anything in it besides coconut oil because i cook
    with coconut oil sometimes :/

  6. maradoodles361 says:

    @AlexJoyceMusic you obviously havent heard… KONY 2012 IS A JOKE!.. The
    founder admitted that there was NO way we could catch Kony.. It was just a
    way to make money off of the action kits and posters ..etc. The guy was
    caught doing some illegal things in public.. check it out for yourself.

  7. Cyndi Garguilo says:

    The necklace is cute and i’ve seen it on a lot of people but I wouldn’t
    wear it in fear of it turning upside down!!

  8. aymonegirl says:

    I love that you use organic root stimulator #what being that you are white
    and all (don’t take it the wrong way). You are the best. I love it! For the
    coconut oil, I do not know if you have an Indian shop around your way but
    girl they have some of the best oils…there is this brand called VATIKA
    they make coconut oil, amla mixed with coconut and cactus oil, and other
    oils THEY ARE GREAT for the hair and the AMLA will make your hair grow like
    weed. The Indian stores are very affordable as well

  9. TysonIsKetchy says:


  10. pyrogummybear37 says:

    she likes to name drop doesnt she? she does it with brands too

  11. Kara O says:

    Hey Rachel I also use Kate Somerville’s Nourish & L’Oeal voluminous carbon
    black mascara love those products too because of you! Thanks for all the
    wondeful advise. I have intensions of also purchasing coconut oil and hair
    fertilizer (maybe) since my hair already grows super fast. Love, Love……
    your videos!! Are you going to IMATS NYC in April??

  12. mommymonstergrrr says:

    The original loreal voluminous mascara gives you volume and length

  13. myladyash says:

    You always look so groomed and so nice 🙂 I love the hair!

  14. grace smith says:

    @wormistheword YA! also, mckayla Maroney

  15. MadMac614 says:

    You definitely had a Dr. Seuss moment in there….

  16. bella rosa says:

    You can also find Kevyn’s products at nordstrom.

  17. aymonegirl says:

    What is your skin type? I tried a sample of kATE sOMERVILLe’s srub …wow.
    it broke me out like crazy I spent almost $300 to get rid of these nasty
    puss pimple on my face with a laser. HORRIBLE. As far as mascaras, have you
    ever tried YSL shocking in black? Let me know. You seem really nice.

  18. ArdenK94 says:

    i love this so much!

  19. Cierra Doll says:

    You should cut your hairr! It would look so cute shorter too! It would
    balance out your facial feautures too! (:

  20. Janakex says:

    Do you still condition your hair after the coconut treatement or only
    shampoo? 🙂

  21. Roo C says:

    your closet is legendary .

  22. whitemoonflower100 says:

    What are ur thoughts on goats milk cream ?

  23. Rebeccah Lynn Otter says:

    You need to pronounce his name properly. It’s Kevin Aucoin (oh-coo-ay)
    almost.. Its a silent “n”. In French, au coin means “at the corner”. So
    yeah 🙂

  24. Doina Neculcea says:

    I Love your personality!:)

  25. Julie Kjærgaard says:

    Tag #bubzbeauty

  26. MsSheilal says:

    can i find these at trader joes ??? the fertilizing oil and the coconut
    cream pllllease let me now

  27. n/a n/a says:

    @michelleiswatching I thought she was jewish…

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