Aliexpress Hair Review|Queen Beauty Hair Products|initial review

3 bundles under 200$$!!!! their store:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/610474 hair i received:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Grade-6A-unprocessed-vir…



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  1. Mzshevie Cee says:

    Were those 100g bundles ? 

  2. shajazz cole says:

    Do you think this hair will last for months this will be my first time
    ordering off aliexpress 

  3. C800388 says:

    What hair do you have in your head

  4. HairMakeupFabulosity says:

    Can you do a upart wig tutorial

  5. Genevieve Nnajii says:

    What song is that and that hair is nice im just scared to order from there 

  6. Kazza G says:

    were you able to flat iron your hair with this?

  7. Desalina Smith says:

    My bundles were super thin :(. They werent thick as yours. Do you think I
    should get a fourth bundle? 

  8. Paris Amoree says:

    do you know what their instagram account@ name is ? i couldn’t find it
    under QUEEN BEAUTY. 

  9. raneisha Rivers says:

    I was distracted,,, thts my song lol

  10. Loveerosalea says:

    How did the hair hold up ? & What kind of hair is this ?

  11. RomietteRuby31 says:

    I love this hair I always but from her, her hair hardly never shed

  12. Notorious Dae says:

    What Kind of hair is it ?

  13. Jasminn Yvonn says:

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