Amazon Fire Phone Review

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    • Zay Pierre
    • 22nd August 2014

    John V! Where you been man, your pthe reason I subscribed to this channel
    in the 1st place… And, then you started falling back? The other reviewers
    are cool… But I prefer your videos and perspective a bit more. I would’ve
    love your take on the G3 … Anyway, hope to see more from you in the
    future man. good stuff!


    • Cesar Mejia
    • 22nd August 2014

    I have just one question and is about notifications… I know that the fire
    phone does not have Google services… But… Does it support third party
    notifications? Like notifications from ESPN android app or so… Or does it
    necessary need google services? Thanks John and btw excellent review!

    • RobLyons273
    • 22nd August 2014

    John. Apps are not limited? You can sideload the 1 mobile app store. That’s
    what I did on my Kindle fire. 

    • batmandgk
    • 22nd August 2014

    JOHN VYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I only come to phone arena to watch your reviews man
    YOU’RE frickin awesome! But I just can’t convince myself that the Amazon
    fire is worth it considering the better options already available and the
    upcoming options that will blow out the fire (pun intended) 

    • KevMack Olson
    • 22nd August 2014

    Reminds me of the Facebook phone least that was 50$ on contract and still
    didn’t last long. Lets see how long this will last in under 4 month they
    will be offering it for 0$ on contract trust me.

    Joooooooooooooooooooooohn V rocks only reason I stay subbed keep up the
    good work

    • Mihul Singh
    • 22nd August 2014

    Why are your eyes so red ?!

    • D Gonzalez
    • 22nd August 2014

    John V you da man dude!!!

    Phone still sucks though, this thing should have been free on contract and
    299 off contract.

    If you can get your hands on the OnePlus it blows this phone out the water.
    Fail Amazon

    • clausleppik90
    • 22nd August 2014

    John V is the best

    • Stelios Pat
    • 22nd August 2014

    useless phone and even more useless outside the US , full of gimmicks you
    will disable after 10 minutes (oh wait , you can’t ) , ugly and confusing
    UI , unreasonably priced .
    This phone will flop hard

    • Steve Cohen
    • 22nd August 2014

    The phone is designed for one thing and that’s to get less than savvy
    shoppers to buy more on amazon. Dow Jones newswires had an interesting
    article that amazon is more expensive than competitors 70% of the time.
    Savings.com eBay best buy target thefind.com or just searching bing
    or Google lists hundreds of vendors who offer better pricing and free
    shipping without having to pay a yearly fee.
    Kindle fire sales are down 80% and only a very uneducated consumer would
    buy a fire phone. 

    • james bond
    • 22nd August 2014

    Android is a stolen piece of shit.

    • kady borup
    • 22nd August 2014

    i can not wait to pick up this phone mainly just because of the 3d stuff,
    firefly, and the camera.

    • Morris vd elst
    • 22nd August 2014

    Same shirt as shane dawson!!!

    • Roberto Wilson
    • 22nd August 2014

    I am keen to buy in Uk but would wait and see if amazon fire phone will
    improve its power!!

    • Will Bx
    • 22nd August 2014

    I already knew this phone was gonna be a wash, no surprises here.

    • Tejon Garrett
    • 22nd August 2014

    This phone is only $200.00 on contract because it’s an ATT exclusive, and
    it’s a brand new series of phone, it is a good phone but the wrong price!

    • Marcelino Soliz
    • 22nd August 2014

    Sorry the lg g3 has speakers in the back and the htc 1 m8 has a crappy
    camera. It looks like a good phone but who knows. What I doesn’t make sense
    are the haters for no reason other then to hate. Makes you wonder if they
    anything better to do?

    • imran sheikh
    • 22nd August 2014

    is this android, cuz i love android’s customisation 

    • idc1414
    • 22nd August 2014

    John V…… ;)

    • Slaggyb
    • 22nd August 2014

    How many watch is john v putting on? All Samsung’s smart Watches lol

    • TheDark Knut
    • 22nd August 2014

    hey guys .. jaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn V from phonearena… 😀 😀 !! 

    • cghern75
    • 22nd August 2014

    John V is a natural!

    • MrBrymstond
    • 22nd August 2014

    On the down side it only has a 720P Display! On the upside if I’m not
    mistaken you can “side load” I believe Google Play Services and the Google
    Play Store and you can then get app’s from there as well!

    • puckhead1221
    • 22nd August 2014

    I like the UI

    • Rahul Sharma
    • 22nd August 2014

    We can move our head, instead of shaking the phone for 3D effects, right?

    • David A
    • 22nd August 2014

    I don’t need a “phone” in my “phone” anymore – just a small tablet that
    costs less – like an iPod but with better everything inside.

    • ienz abella
    • 22nd August 2014


    • vinalee1994
    • 22nd August 2014

    I like your reviews^^

    • JsnJ in GA
    • 22nd August 2014

    Thanks for the video, but please position the phone in portrait or
    landscape, not diagonally. Gets my neck tired ;-p

    • Giacomo Montagna
    • 22nd August 2014

    500k subscriber!!!

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