Amazon Testing Delivering Their Products By Drone

December 02, 2013 BBC News http://MOXNews.com.



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  1. 2012Kapu says:

    AWSOME! A free game of SKEET!! PULL!!!!

  2. Redpilldown says:

    What a load of propaganda bullshit

  3. Bob Cobb says:

    This is just silly. The cost of lost and damaged drones/merchandise and the
    fact they would have to train the operators it would not be cost effective
    for amazon. It in no way could be done on a large scale level or for long
    distances so this is really just a gimmick by amazon much like dominoes did
    to get more people to shop there.
    Drones will slowly but surely be banned from many cities, counties and
    possibly even states.

  4. devran karadag says:

    How many of these will get back to base I can bet that 1 out 10 only will
    get back to base. People will steal it and sell it on

  5. matt kay says:

    Drones are usually scary but this is cool 

  6. MOXNEWSd0tC0M says:
  7. T.J. Vliet says:


  8. Chantal Exposé says:

    So we have ’bout 5 years to blow them up as soon as they arrive.. !!

  9. MrHaloswrath says:

    Don’t fall into this bullshit. This is acclamation for us to think drones
    are cool. Think of how many jobs will be lost. No to mention the future
    weaponized use. 

  10. babaloo42 . says:

    I think this guy’s got a drone in his PANTS.

  11. tdggknight says:

    SO MUCH EFFORT ON MAKING HUMANS OBSOLITE,god forgive them for they know not
    what they do!

  12. dave wuest says:

    might ass well get one of those vacuum tubes that banks use and have it go
    to and from the post office

  13. beckderm says:

    Stupid & Dangerous. All to push the Drone propaganda.
    Lawsuits, Please to ban it all over the place.

  14. MrHaloswrath says:

    Total propaganda.

  15. tyknot1 says:

    What happens if it gets in a storm?

  16. Lois Lane says:

    This has to be a joke. Seriously.

  17. Bryan3934 says:

    This looks like he needs to take a piss.

  18. Issei Takeru says:

    Amazon just lost a potential consumer!

  19. Brandon Labrum says:

    Amazon will become self aware

  20. Ha Mayim says:

    Perhaps this concept was designed via DHS to bring their unmanned flying
    spy camera toys much closer to your doorstep & YOU…This is clever way to
    groom public into getting accustomed to seeing these hi tech whirly birds
    zoom around in their daily lives & when sh**t hits the fan such as another
    false flag,these very machines will likely convert into being remote
    controlled armed flying trojan horses utilized by DHS/NATO for very close
    precision strikes & spying on unsuspecting populace..

  21. Ha Mayim says:

    Im presuming Amazon will need more outlets in every city & state with drone
    bases/ports..Otherwise these things stand to face tumultuous weather
    conditions,unsuspected wind gusts,sandstorms & being shot down via sky
    looters etc.lol

  22. BAMBadAssMusic . says:

    Drone reconnaissance will be the future 😀 

  23. Anthrax Guillen says:

    Yup I see how my cocain will be comin through. Ha~Ha Lulz~•~

  24. Yesiamblind says:

    That’s some spooky, creepy, fucked up shit and it destroys jobs.

  25. biorgymd says:

    Hey Amazon, FYI you can have Jesus Christ and every top Hollywood
    Celebrity deliver your crap, I’m still not buying. 

  26. kazuya kato says:

    Amazon just lost a potential consumer!

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