Amazon variation product listing – LinnLive2

In this video we will demonstrate how to create multi-variation products in Linnworks and submit them to amazon using LinnLive2. We will show how to import p…



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  1. seoanakin says:

    this is very very bad example of helping …. starting with some kinda dll
    files? :D

  2. Color MyEyes says:

    this is not helping. What if we don’t have all the files you have. If I
    have a product that comes in only 5 colors and two sizes, how do I add

  3. TheBlingzshop bling case says:

    Well, Can I use Linnlive to create the product variation listing that
    Amazon doesn’t allow to add variation manually.

  4. dasfashionoutlet. de says:

    great thanks a lot 😉

  5. Akram Islam says:

    really unhelpful!

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