April 2015 Favorites!!


Is it good enough for government work?? I mean thats what I base everything off of. Just life. #QuoteoftheDay Products I mentioned: Shea Moisture Oil …


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    • Amber Walter
    • 29th April 2015

    Good morning Lovebugs! Here are my monthly favorites!! XXOO

    • xbabyfacexo
    • 29th April 2015

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous xx

    • Amber Walter
    • 29th April 2015
    • Kristen Kaye
    • 29th April 2015

    I wanna try MAC’s light plus! I’m always on the hunt for new highlights:)
    great favorites doll xxoo

    • Kayla Simmons
    • 29th April 2015

    You should check out breakup in a small town by Sam hunt!!

    • Pippi GlockenCake
    • 29th April 2015

    That was a sweet epic shoutout to me and my boothangs channel.
    You sing Lana so lovely my sub princess. Much beauty, so wow!
    I love that you appreciate Lana like I do.
    I listened to this while driving thru a winding annoying dark back road
    somewhere in Oregon.. Dare and I were zombies at 1am and your vid made us
    happy and helped so much! Love you #marryusorjustjoinus

    • Nicki9s
    • 29th April 2015

    Love all your faves but especially LOVE that Batman shirt! Epic!

    • sassyheather11
    • 29th April 2015

    You look gorgeous as always! Thank you for making me break out my naked 3.
    I forgot I had it and how much I love it. ❤

    • nAndanicOle04
    • 29th April 2015

    Girl where have you been!!!!! Lol welcome to the Lana bandwagon! Love her
    lyrics and videos. Her music is like a distant memory that connects to the
    soul. Great video, love ya! 

    • trippy dumbledore
    • 29th April 2015

    so fitting!! you look soo similar to Lana as well! when I first started
    watching you back when you only had 2k, I was like wtf! lana has a private
    love you girl you’re amazing

    • Mimi Wallace
    • 29th April 2015

    Chelsea hotel Lana del Ray amazing! 

    • Alexa Kogan
    • 29th April 2015

    You need to tell us the story about Alice already !! I can’t wait to hear

    • Chris Ginther
    • 29th April 2015

    Love your fav vids! You’ve turned me on to some great products. Thank you!
    Keep em coming :)

    • Amber Searles
    • 29th April 2015

    Omg I love Lana deal Ray , her lyrics and music is amazing , especially if
    you like the blues 🙁 when u find her you listen to every thing ! I’ve
    watched a ton of interviews of her and most her songs are about an ex she
    really loved who broke her heart ugh can relate !

    • Jodi-Grace White
    • 29th April 2015

    Awesome video 🙂 

    • Chelby Monroe
    • 29th April 2015

    Oh joy you sang

    • Mykala Hill
    • 29th April 2015

    Loved your favorites I’m going to have to go get that oil and try it out i
    love the shea moisture mask for my hair i have naturally curly hair and oh
    my that mask has done wonders for my curls so i know thats a great brand to
    use. And you hair looked pretty i love the braid.

    • Samantha Robinson
    • 29th April 2015

    Love love love your shirt 

    • Amanda Ruoff
    • 29th April 2015

    Also, I soooo cannot wait for your ghost story about Alice! Lol I’m so
    anxious to hear this story. 

    • Kenia ♡
    • 29th April 2015

    Omg such great faves girlie! Thank you for making this! It was SOOO helpful
    🙂 so definitely make more please?

    • Amber Searles
    • 29th April 2015

    The beautiful Amber

    • MirandaBurns
    • 29th April 2015

    Will you pleeeeaassee do a hair tutorial on the hairstyle you have in this
    video?? It’s so cute and adorable! Pretty please?

    • kayvitabella
    • 29th April 2015

    Your hair!! Gorgeous! 

    • Amanda Ruoff
    • 29th April 2015

    You sound so pretty singing!!!!! I love brye Ashley too her personality is
    amazing! She’s hilarious. Anyways so much stuff I want to try! Thanks girl.
    Hope you had a good day! 

    • MC MissCupcake
    • 29th April 2015

    Yaaasss slay queen love you amber <3

    • Tiffany Owl
    • 29th April 2015

    I’m soo soo obsessed with your hair! <3

    • KassandraJoanne
    • 29th April 2015

    I loved the editing in this video haha <3

    • Brooke Erin
    • 29th April 2015

    Yay! I so enjoy your favorites videos! That top coat is the best and thank
    you for talking about/mentioning your friend, Brye Ashley…I like her so,
    so, so much. 🙂
    Hope you are having a good day. Love you! 🙂
    Oh and thank you again for the card you sent me. I got it last week and it
    completely made my day and my week. 🙂 (happy face overload – yikes!)

    • tracylovesjim
    • 29th April 2015

    Love your vids, so fun. I love so many of those same products! You have
    such a pretty voice. Thank you for sharing it with us. xxo

    • cathhep1
    • 29th April 2015


    • paperseatbelt
    • 29th April 2015

    I loveee the tone of your hair, so fucking beautiful<3

    • parsasoccerplayer
    • 29th April 2015


    • Loula Bella
    • 29th April 2015

    You are beautiful 🙂 lovely voice too! X

    • Loïc Debaisieux
    • 29th April 2015

    fake blonde

    • kari2004
    • 30th April 2015

    I feel like I should be taking notes, lol, So much interesting product
    information!! Thanks for sharing, Amber! And I love how you just took a
    break in the middle of the video to show us some snapchats, lol:) You are
    awesome! #Hunnybunny XO

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