My review & money saving tip on Aveeno baby product line!! Thanks to all my new & old subscribers!! if you have any questions or comments please feel free to…



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  1. lavender moon says:

    you mentioned that for the soothing relief moisture cream that you used it
    on her head when she showed signs of craddle cap… what did you do
    exactly? did you just rub it on her head a few times and it just went away?
    did you comb it out after or try to take the “scales” off if she had any?
    mine just started getting that which is why i’m asking… good job with the
    video, i’m going to buy some of this stuff now. 🙂

  2. Surprise09baby says:

    @Surprise09baby I hope this works for you!! if you can let me know if it
    does!! 🙂

  3. Verdeliss says:

    Biennn !!! Q alegria!!!! Animo chiquitínnn !!!!!

  4. exoticsin16 says:

    You really aren’t supposed to use any soap at all with the first few baths.

  5. Surprise09baby says:

    Hey Everyone Lavendermoon ( a subscriber) 🙂 Gave me a new Video Idea I
    will show you on ALANI How we took care of her craddle cap!! So it should
    be up By 2morrow Night or Friday Morning!! Thanks to Lavendermoon!!

  6. Surprise09baby says:

    @lavendermoon Yeah I should have elaborated on that …Sorry!!.. OK for us
    I would give her a bath & I would use the Concentrated Creamy Wash (dont
    delute it for this). while it was in her hair I would run a very soft baby
    brush through it a few times ( if you do it to much it can get worse, from
    what I heard). after I would rinse it out I would apply the Aveeno Cream on
    the areas that she needed it on!!.. Just rub it on & leave it.. I reapplied
    it in the morning. 3 days of that & poof GONE!!!

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