OPEN ME: all products listed below!:) So I wanted to help others who also have SUPER sensitive skin like I do. If you have allergic reactions to everything i…



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  1. emilysinterests says:

    ABOUT THE 6 BLADE RAZOR: the most important part I forgot to mention was
    that it cuts the shaving time in HALF! 🙂 SHAVES SO FAST 😀 and it doesn’t
    irritate because it has a little strip of soap unlike the girl 5 blade
    razors that have a huge fragranced soap strip!:) 

  2. Annie Stanley says:

    Cetaphil is amazing. I’ve tried so many high end lotions and creams for my
    face and nothing works as well as Cetaphil for me! I’m going to try the bar
    soap now for shaving. Thanks for this video, very helpful.

  3. Don Draper says:

    thanks for the recommendation on the cetaphil for face lotion. i have a
    really dry face and i have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and on my face
    that i have to try and keep under control but anyways im going to give that
    stuff a try. 

  4. Bambi Fawn says:

    you can remove makeup by rubbing coconut oil on your face then wiping it
    off with a baby wipe or paper towel.

  5. RaidensONLYfan says:

    And you say you aren’t pretty :p psh, you lie! 

  6. oy59 says:

    can you do a video on how you store your makeup/makeup collection?

  7. Jef B says:

    Have you ever tried CeraVe? I’ve always liked that better than Cetaphil.

  8. doubtfuldreamer says:

    Emily – how do you cope with anxiety? I have coped with food for as long as
    I can remember but I was just wondering what about you?

  9. Nika Jemric says:

    Hi Emily! I also have pretty sensitive skin, and I always get rash all
    along my legs when I shave, and I haven’t found anything to get rid of it.
    What would you recommend for rash treatment, how did you get rid of it once
    it appeared? 

  10. treybeantown Trey Davis says:

    im gonna see if i can find that cetephil stuff for my face cause i get dry
    skin on my face when i get out of the shower sometimes but then again i
    wash my face wit Noxema or whatever its called an i know that shits awful 

  11. tritonmole says:

    Its so nice to just listen what you are speaking, even if im a guy and many
    of your tips are not so much for me :)

  12. kuunami says:

    I struggled with extremely sensitive skin to from the time I was a kid up
    until recently. I’m in my early 30s now. I just figured out a few years ago
    that the cause for me was that I’m allergic to gluten. I’ve improved
    exponentially since switching to a gluten free diet.

  13. Anastasia Smith says:
  14. emilysinterests says:

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