Combat Unstable Sales (Amazon’s Best Seller’s Ranking can help with Consistent Sales BUT…)

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    • DL Polat
    • 22nd August 2014

    One more thing…I must have missed your opinions on the state of financial
    literacy in America. I am watching this video again and heard this.
    Damn!!!! You are more than awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I have been preaching what
    you are saying for a while now!!! So good to hear someone else thinking the
    same way.

    • Derrick Branch
    • 22nd August 2014

    Does the electronic niche convert pretty good with amazon?

    • Leon Johnson
    • 22nd August 2014

    Great video and tips thru out! I concur on most points you ranted on.

    • DL Polat
    • 22nd August 2014

    You are just plain awesome!!!!

    • Rare Findz
    • 22nd August 2014


    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    I would like to buy in bulk but only a fraction of books are valuable so Im
    concerned 99% of what I buy in bulk will be junk.

    • Brad Tragick
    • 22nd August 2014

    I have a question. I am getting ready to start FBA soon. I see some
    things in my house that they have merchant fulfilled sellers but NONE
    selling it FBA. Is that good? or matters with the item?

    • Kathleen Brown
    • 22nd August 2014

    They don’t teach kids critical thinking anymore, either. I learned a lot
    from this vid! Thanks.

    • geoshnas
    • 22nd August 2014

    Really enjoy the long quality videos, Thanks

    • zerofatzreturns
    • 22nd August 2014
    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Hi ZeroFatz, do you have any processes you go through in finding good bulk
    sales. 2 months ago I came across someone looking to sell books in a
    charity shop. I said I would be interested in buying them. He told me he
    was raising money for a church and had a load of non-fiction theologian
    books. However when I went to his house this morning he had a load of hard
    back fiction and a few crummy World War 2 books. Thankfully I didn’t waste
    to much time and still found around $400 worth of books but it was a real

    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Yeah now that I am finding the best places o seemnto be finding a lot more
    books. Six months I never would have dreamed I could find $900 worth in
    one day. Just wish they would sell.

    I have been reading on the Amazon forums that sales have been slow for
    other people. 

    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    They have an antiques and collectables auction at the end of the month.
    Somethings sell for crazy money on eBay. $700 for an old sewing machine
    that you pick up for $50. Old beer bottle labels sell for $200. I would
    love to get into that along with books!

    If you buy it cheap you will at least get your money back. But you could
    score big somedays. Thats my mentality. See how it goes.


    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Hi ZeroFatz, I just got back from an auction. I bought a Perrier Jouet
    branded mirror for $35. There is one currently selling for $400 on
    eBay.co.uk. See how that goes. Quite fun.

    Have you seen John Picker videos. He picks vintage stuff from people
    rubbish and finds old vacuum cleaners from the 1950’s. Some can sell for
    $600 on Ebay.com. In one video he claims to find a large bunch of solid
    gold jewellery!

    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Im finding plenty of long tail books at the moment. I have been looking
    into antiques and collectables. Some items sell for $500 on ebay that look
    completely normal and could be bought for $1 at a car boot sale.

    I’ve tried getting into retail arbitrage. Some people make it sound easy.
    $1000 a week.


    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Thanks man, I guess I just need to keep pushing. I have around 500 books in
    stock. Does buying in bulk make a real difference to your business. I’m
    visiting someones house this Saturday who is selling a load of theologian
    books. I have no idea hiw much they are worth. 

    • colust
    • 22nd August 2014

    Awesome video!!! This is one of the best videos you have done and I have
    watched many of them lol

    Yesterday competely ironically I had a good day. I sold a book for $90
    that I bought 6 months ago for less than $1. Unfortunately all I’m finding
    at the moment are long tail sales and high ranked books.

    I am pushing really hard to build my stock. I go to thrift shops every
    lunch break Monday to Friday and every Saturday 9-5 and Sunday mornings to
    car boot sales. The problem I have is I’m generally only building my stock
    by ten books a week. Thats why Im deperate to buy in bulk from house
    clearance companies.

    I am really going to start working on my product descriptions!!

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