EMILY AWARDS: Best Face Products (2014)

LIST OF PRODUCTS MENTIONED: http://bit.ly/EA14face VLOG: 3.5 Month Postpartum Update: http://bit.ly/3monthpp Quick reviews on Beauty Broadcast Express! http://bit.ly/subtobbx All …


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    • emilynoel83
    • 27th January 2015

    The 7th Annual Emily Awards are here! Thank you so much for watching these
    videos each year! 

    • Jessica Ferreira
    • 27th January 2015

    You reaally make an effort girl! You have a laptop just for keeping track
    of your favourites and make these incredible videos for us!!! Damn girl you
    are so so so beyond amazing! That’s why I apreciate you so much, you’re the
    most dedicated YouTuber I’ve ever seen! I have to always comment here to
    say these things because you blow my mind every time! And with a new baby I
    mean…talk about dedication!!!! Yay for Emily Awards!!! I would miss the
    Oscars but never Emily Awards!! Congratulations for being so amazing. But
    don’t forget to take a rest too and just take your time to be a little lazy
    too and just cuddle with princess Belle. You deserve it because you work so
    hard!!!! Much love!!!!!

    • Donna Rhodes
    • 27th January 2015

    OMG.. i haven’t even watched yet, and THUMBS UP for Emily awards!! lol

    • HollieEatsLipstick
    • 27th January 2015


    • Rachael Rogers
    • 27th January 2015

    A glass of wine and an. Emily video. 🙂 

    • DramaticMac
    • 27th January 2015

    Omg I died! The Emily awards never disappoints I thumbs up before I even
    watched xx

    • Leigh Linden
    • 27th January 2015

    I love to see that you keep spreadsheets about everything! I always
    wondered if beauty bloggers did that. I mean, is it reasonable to think you
    can remember everything about every beauty product you ever bought? I’d
    love to learn more about your behind the scenes for prepping for videos. :)

    • rhonda99301
    • 27th January 2015

    Emily, thank you so much for the time you put in doing these awards. You
    truly put in more time and effort than any other makeup guru, and we can’t
    tell you how much we love you! You reviews and recommendations mean more to
    me than any one else. Having a family and pulling this off cannot be an
    easy feat. So, thank you once again:-) 

    • Zoe Bucci
    • 27th January 2015

    Em, you are by far my favorite YouTuber! It’s so fun watching Belle and
    Tyler and you together, you’re such a happy and amazing family! You’re so
    honest with your reviews and not to mention gorgeous! Belle and Tyler are
    so lucky to have you❤️

    • KraftyKaitlyn
    • 27th January 2015

    You should try the Mario Badescu Facial Spray! It’s $7 for 4oz, so a lot
    cheaper than the nyx ($8 for 2 oz), but it gets rid of the powdery look as
    well! It also adds in some hydration, but not too much. 🙂 Thanks for doing
    these! I really look forward to them every year!

    • Summer Renee
    • 27th January 2015

    I always love these videos! Thanks for taking the time to make them for us!

    • Shannon Boyce
    • 28th January 2015

    YES. This made my day. 

    • Hayley ELwick
    • 28th January 2015

    This just made my day, I LOVE the Emily awards!!! Thanks for all your hard
    work ❤❤

    • Liz Pena
    • 28th January 2015

    Any ladies have foundation recommendations for dry skin ? I would also love
    some bronzer recommendations for my skin tone I’m about an nc42-nc44 in the
    summer. Most are too light and muddy like the too faced one on my skin &
    the Anastasia contour kit broke me out HORRIBLY

    • Lindsay Does Nails
    • 28th January 2015

    YAY! Love that cupcake took over the awards this year! As always, loved the
    picks xx

    • Kristen Kay
    • 28th January 2015

    Thank you so much for taking the time to research and test the products and
    to film this! Loved the intro and ‘intermishun’ too 🙂 

    • Kenny Daniel
    • 28th January 2015

    Seriously one of four you tubers who’s yearly end of I look for to watching
    and actually purchase from the products noted unless I own it already – as
    in Clinique primer case – which I need to actually open and use having
    bought it three months ago. Again thank u for all the work and care you put
    into these videos! 

    • Tina Lozano
    • 28th January 2015

    I saw your adorable kitty and it just reminded me of my kiki. He has been
    missing for over a week now. We have looked just about everywhere for him.
    The next door neighbor said, someone took him but she could not identify
    the vehicle. Today we are going to the pound to see if he may be there.
    Ohhh i am so very sad. Your babygirl is so beautiful. Loved the video.

    • Beautymarqued
    • 28th January 2015

    Yasss!!! They are here. I Wait for the Emily Awards more anxiously than the
    golden globes!!! Love you Emily 

    • amanda sarnowski
    • 28th January 2015

    u should do some express videos on the newer rimmel bb creams… there’s a
    radiance one n a matte one, curious to see if it’s like the one you enjoy,
    I recently picked it up, gotta love sales! 🙂 love ur videos!

    • iluvzurara2
    • 28th January 2015

    loved this video!! im not sure if u have a separate “other/tools” video,
    but maybe a good category to add in the face section is best makeup
    remover? im still trying to find the perfect one! and maybe tools in
    general not sure if u have a brushes section? thn again u did make a
    separate video on brushes lol so nvm!

    • Regina Rooks
    • 28th January 2015

    Thanks Emily. I have learned so much valuable info since I started
    following your channels about a year and a half ago. This synopsis is
    especially helpful.

    • ricekava84
    • 28th January 2015

    First I’d like to say thanks for even taking the time to continue this
    series. I had a baby in June and I know how much time and energy a baby
    needs. I have been watching yours videos for about 3 years now, and your
    awards have always been one of my faves! Loved the cuteness intermission.
    By the way when I was watching this there was only two other comments. 

    • TheBeautyPuzzle
    • 28th January 2015

    Fantastic! Nice to see some new goodies to try. Loved the addition of Belle
    this year. Xo Linda

    • Jennifer Ellis
    • 28th January 2015

    Note to self, go to Kohls & Ulta & get blush!
    I really love your videos! 

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