Empty Products Mother & Daughter Part 1 | twoplustwo

Hi, Tabitha and I are going to review our empty products this month and tell you what we would repurchase or NOT! Samx —————————————————————————–…



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  1. twoplustwo says:

    I was having a glum day but your comment has really cheered me up! I will
    check out the tail and mane shampoo! Thank you. Samx

  2. ❤❤TheMadEmzFamily❤❤ says:

    Hi there, your daughter is adorable, I have a nine year old also, I’m not
    sure emily would of been as well behaved. I have been enjoying your vids,
    catching up! We love the tail and mane shampoo from Amazon it’s brill for
    thick and long hair, it’s really cheap, but really helps

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