E’tae hair products review

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  1. jojoko says:

    you’re hair is beautiful but the middle part looks good on exactly zero

  2. jojoko says:

    when i watched their videos it looks like they used the product to
    naturally get their hair straight. why didn’t you choose to do this?

  3. onyxspirals says:

    Diana Ross realness, yes!

  4. CardiacKip says:

    Krissy, I swear at 5:24 I started channeling, “Looo-oooo-oooove
    taaau-uuu-uught me who was, who was the boss!” And then 4 seconds later
    you bust out with “serving you Diana Ross realness.” LOLOLOL!!! Hope
    you’re having a blessed day! 

  5. Randall Angel says:

    LOL one of the only videos where I see her in a good mood! So I guess the
    key is to have a good hair day hahahha

  6. patricesc82 says:

    Now that you’ve tried out the E’tae products, will you be trying out your
    other hair crush products the mane choice? I’m jealous you got to try out
    the E’tae line and that it is a hit. 

  7. Frankie Tagilao says:

    Baby girl do you have instagram ? Im always left wanting more from you.
    Always entertaining hun xx

  8. Stephanì Heart. says:

    do people ever make rude comments about your hair? my hair is curly and
    frizzy and everyone always had something to say.

  9. jb44421 says:


  10. Em Lopes says:

    I LOVEEEEEE Naptural85 she’s my hair IDOL! that oil is awesome too! have
    you tried her flax seed gel recipe? ive been leaning toward making my own
    natural products. but you really said it makes your hair feel like (hits
    high notes) you slay me girl! 

  11. Marianne Davila says:

    girls with ‘good hair’ they’ll never understand this! thanks for such a
    cool review imma try these

  12. Kyle Preston says:

    Girl you need Deva Care Products! Research Deva Curl 3 Step on Youtube. 

  13. Destinee Williams says:

    Yesssss I use her products, it’s like heaven for your hair. The Carmel
    treatment alone is like AWESOMEEEEE

  14. Germaine Miller says:

    Giiirrrrllll you had me crackin all the way up! I’m buying it just because
    of this video!! :)

  15. PJ Cole says:

    3:39-3:43 Neveeeeeer Woulda Made It!!! Hahahaha thee Best!! part!!!

  16. Richard Streetman says:

    I think I just got saved again. 

  17. Nikki butterfly says:

    thanks krissychula i am mixed and have curly hair which sometimes is a hot
    mess dehydratesd which makes my curls look like shit! i need good products
    for my hair. i know the struggle i need help so thank you
    !! lol going to order asap

  18. Hannah Douglas says:


  19. NOPinupGirl says:

    Yes honey! Go frolic in the fields and let the wind blow through your hair

  20. Bigismdaboss says:

    That infectious smile is EVERYTHING! 

  21. Michael Jenkins says:

    You look beautiful, love your videos.

  22. Moochi mano says:

    “I nevERRRR would have made it” lol that’s just funny because I know how
    the original sounds

  23. Bigismdaboss says:

    That infectious smile is EVERYTHING! 

  24. Moochi mano says:

    “I nevERRRR would have made it” lol that’s just funny because I know how
    the original sounds

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