Fails | Disappointing Beauty Products #2

More Makeup & Beauty products that didn’t float my boat! Watch Part 1 here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0yyXBBAqbQ Subscribe for more videos!


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    • LetzMakeup
    • 26th April 2015

    More makeup & Beauty products that DIDN’T float my boat!

    • Melanie Murphy
    • 26th April 2015

    This is tonight’s bath time viewing for yours truly hahaha! ^-^ X

    • Ehssty
    • 26th April 2015

    Hey Shiv! 🙂 I know it would be a lot of work, but could you please make
    videos about your brush collection? I’m a starter addict myself, and I
    would love to hear your always honest opinion on different brands and
    brushes! ^_^ And I have this jealous curiosity about your collection! 😀 I
    would love to see it!

    • greenknitter
    • 26th April 2015

    Yeah I tried the Hydraluron serum and it didn’t do much for me either. Now
    I just get Juvederm injections instead of wasting money trying new creams
    and serums with hyaluronic acid because I know 100% the injectable works to
    fill my wrinkles.
    Thank’s for the heads up on the RT Bold Metals foundation brush, had it in
    my hand about to buy last week in Boots but decided not to at the last
    minute. Glad I did now!

    • Amani Almutairi
    • 26th April 2015

    Ur hair looks lovely in the past few videos what have u done differently? 

    • Estela II
    • 26th April 2015

    hello there, you know what?? same thing happened to me with that real
    techniques foundation brush and with an ecotools foundation brush, not the
    one you showed, the one that is white and angled, and you are right, they
    look kind of pasticky… what a pity!!!

    • Lucrece von Kasm
    • 26th April 2015

    Had the same problems with hydraluron. May I recommend the Hada Labo
    moisturising lotion/ toner, it is Japanese and easily available on Ebay. 

    • Claddagh Clad
    • 26th April 2015

    Each time your make-up changed I decided it was my fav look on you haha, so
    pretty. Great video, thanks for sharing 🙂 x

    • Corellia Calling
    • 26th April 2015

    That foundation brush was the first from the RT Bold Metals collection I
    bought, and I was so disappointed with it–for reasons IDENTICAL to the
    ones you mentioned–I’ve been hesitant to get any more. I just cannot find
    a use for it; I’ve tried it with cream highlighters and contour products,
    but I can’t get past the scratch of the bristles. I did pick up the angled
    liner brush, but that’s kind of a basic design that doesn’t really tell me
    a whole lot. So now I’m thinking MAYBE I should take a chance on the blush
    and powder brushes, because normally I can’t get enough of Real Techniques.

    • DramaticMac
    • 26th April 2015

    Omg you saved me a bunch I was so interested in getting that brush. Think
    il give it a pass xxx

    • Milly Monk
    • 26th April 2015

    Love your videos Shiv! Agree with you about the Hydraluron, can’t wait to
    finish my tube. Just wanted to wish you all the best with your move and
    hope the next place will be perfect for you both, bestowing happiness and
    many blessings. Looking forward to seeing your new setup there. xx

    • fossileyes
    • 26th April 2015

    Please do the makeup cull on camera! I love it when other people show all
    the makeup they have, and then explain what they’re keeping and what
    they’re destashing, whether it’s because it’s old or just doesn’t work
    well! You can even search Makeup Graveyard and find others who have done it

    • JustTheHaze
    • 26th April 2015

    Hydraluron broke me out so bad 🙁 makes me sad since other people rave
    about it so much. I quite like the loreal cleansing oil, i use it as a fall
    back when i can’t afford my clinique cleansing balm haha but i do agree
    with the oily eye vision afterwards haha i tend to just use something else
    to take my eye makeup off 🙂 really love these type of videos, not many
    people do them and its quite nice to see what other people think about
    things! :)

    • Freya C
    • 26th April 2015

    I love these videos gurl, and I feel the exact same way about using water
    out of the shower ♥ ♥

    • Victoria Pavlova
    • 26th April 2015

    any oil based cleanser does that filmy stuff to my eyes, can’t bear it

    • Alison Campbell
    • 26th April 2015

    I love the idea of that triangular brush but have heard so many bad reviews
    aswell xx

    • Mary Flavin
    • 26th April 2015

    Hi Shiv, just recommending a shampoo & conditioner to you. If you have
    holland & Barrett near you, check out Dr. Organic Moroccan argan oil
    shampoo & conditioner. It’s so good. It makes my hair so soft & smooth.
    There’s also a big pump bottle of hair serum & it’s amazing too & lasts
    ages! X

    • xKETISHx
    • 26th April 2015

    Bad brushes end up at the brush graveyard

    • Chiara Combina Casini
    • 26th April 2015

    I loved that cleansing oil! It removed my makeup wonderfully and it didn’t
    sting nor leave a blurry film on my eyes.

    • Rose Mcnena
    • 26th April 2015

    Love your videos ! Your brilliant ❤️❤️

    • Sarah McDonough
    • 26th April 2015

    My Clinique cleansing balm does the same thing to my eyes as the L’Oreal,
    makes them all cloudy so I can’t see normally for about five minutes.
    Strangely enough it doesn’t sting or hurt my eyes at all! The clouding is
    just a minor annoyance :P

    • bleemachine
    • 26th April 2015

    I HATED Hydraluron with a passion. What a hunk of crap.. It broke me out
    like nothing I couldn’t believe and I don’t even have sensitive or acne
    prone skin.. Not even the slightest hint of any benefits at all.. Was so
    disappointed as I’d heard so so many good things.. Pure shite..

    The Loreal cleanser stung my eyes so bad but I did like how it took my make
    up off pretty well.. It is currently, however, sitting on a shelf as the
    sting just isn’t worth it.. The bodyshop oil cleanser (chamomile?) is
    actually quite nice to use.. Nothing beats a bit of the good ould coconut
    oil though.. So so good and no sting.. Win..

    • Taylor Jones
    • 26th April 2015

    “Vehemently”. Good word. :D

    • glycinate
    • 26th April 2015

    I have a shower to wash my makeup off cause the thought of water running
    down my arms and wetting my sleeves bothers me so much lol. 

    • Sandra Elaine Shannon
    • 26th April 2015

    So glad I watched this 🙂 was going to buy that brush today !

    • spasticpeach
    • 26th April 2015

    I laughed at your comment about the water dripping. It’s why I got topless
    when I wash my face.

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