Garage Gym in the Making + A Question For YOU

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  1. Travis S says:

    I think keeping it all on this channel will be the best. 

  2. Sebastian Ocampo says:

    just fucking upload on this video more consistently

  3. destro1989 says:

    Yeah I don’t think you’ll get as many views on your other channel. I’d also
    say that you need to be more active if you want this channel to be even
    more successful than it is, but we all know you’ve been very busy with
    expos etc so that’s understandable. I would say I enjoyed the channel the
    most in 2012/13 personally. 

  4. Rob Lipsett says:

    Ay Matt what were you doing with Paige Hathaway and Bradley Martyn the
    other day ?
    Saw it on snapchat 

  5. mystery girl says:

    bacteria help you poop and digest fiber

  6. Eric O says:

    I watch and enjoy almost all of your videos. Not necessarily because the
    content is always great, but because I like your persona a lot. I never
    understood people who complain about someone who uploads a type of video
    they don’t like. Don’t watch it. You have to scroll for another millisecond
    through your sub box, so what. I’m subbed to over 100 channels and this is
    not an issue for me. 

  7. martin lift says:

    are matt ogus going on a cut 🙂 i would lovet to see you get back to
    shredded ogus 🙂 i now you are pretty lean but i am more motivated by the
    shredded ogus :)

  8. ObesetoBeast says:

    Secondary Vlog channel is the way to go man!

  9. Mark Macqueen says:

    I think keeping everything on this channel would be best Matt!

  10. flexforall2 says:
  11. Chris Karimi says:

    Mature lifting

  12. Shaolin Schlag says:

    You watch Vikings!?

  13. jason bano says:

    Stiff leg deads with 4.plates a side is that?

  14. Bradley Wilson says:

    another upload danke

  15. Joey Rousselle says:

    Option 1

  16. Jesse Lopez says:

    Blue by Gemini is the best song for squats 

  17. whatryouthinking says:

    What’s the 7.5.3.. wirkout?

  18. NextSurvivor says:

    Helpful videos on a new channel; that way, it’s all consolidated and will
    serve as a helpful source. It will be more easily searchable and not one
    big cluster****. Vlogs on this channel.

  19. Anthony D says:

    Doesn’t that close stance hurt your knees?

  20. jay storey says:

    Secondary blog channel please!!!

  21. JosephFontana Fit says:

    i’m sorry you have probably said this before, but are those belts for sale
    anywhere lol. #mirinhard

  22. Big Gucci says:

    what are the knee sleeves called?

  23. CleanGoals says:

    Haha Fuck The Police! As for the channels i think you should do what YOU
    feel would be best, People who truly like your content will probably watch
    both ether way ;)

  24. Anthony Intensity says:

    So freaking amazing to see this Matt!!

  25. om1kron says:

    I’m not, I’m not, I’m not X infinity

  26. Alen Balažic says:


  27. TheGunnerj95 says:

    Option 1. You won’t duplicate the subscriptions and views on a new channel,
    fuck people they’re gonna bitch no matter what you do lol

  28. Owen Hwang says:

    I see that the bar touches the spud straps on some reps. Wouldn’t that help
    the squat a bit?

  29. FitXPro says:

    4:01 A Gremlin Coming Out !!!! 

  30. Mrdtruck88 says:

    Option 2 gets my vote. I like the vlogs. You will get more growth by
    starting a different channel with the short informative vids.

  31. BallOrNothing says:

    I would say stick with this channel but be more consistent. You have a lot
    of people you inspire and who follow you and have out you in the position
    you’re in, and YouTube was a big aid there. It would be good to see you
    upload more, love this channel

  32. Sal Wayne says:

    Skip to 3:15 and stare at calves you’ll thank me

  33. bert bertson says:

    What about only making good videos and not flooding the chanell with random
    filler content

  34. chappyTHO says:

    keep it all on this channel.

  35. Curticy says:

    MOAthletics? MattOgusthetics? new possible channel names.

  36. Ben Thompsett says:

    Keep it on the same channel, and have multiple playlists/series within the
    same channel i.e. tutorial series, vlog series

  37. abfitnesstrainer says:

    did you release your ogus routine yet?

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