GRWM! Skincare, Makeup & Hair! ♡ Rocker Khaki Liner & Flawless Skin!

Hiii 🙂 Here is a video showing you a bunch of new stuff I got off Luxola recently, in tutorial form rather than a haul! – Use code BLX-HARRIS for 25% off Luxola! 🙂 http://goo.gl/ajBgAQ -…



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  1. Shaaanxo says:

    GRWM! Skincare, Makeup & Hair! Enjoy 🙂 xoxox

  2. Atomic Peach says:

    shannon i love love love how you always try new products and don’t always
    use the same things everyone else uses 

  3. shopstyleconquer says:

    ahhh this is so stunning Shannon! feeling inspired to go do my makeup now
    even though i am at home studying tonight hahaha ;)

  4. Ju M. says:

    My gosh, how I dislike Landon Austin. But you’re worth going through it <3

  5. Asia A says:

    I have been watching you for years and wow your eye lashes have grown so
    much! Love that mascara that you used.

  6. Theresa Blueberry says:

    You’re so beautiful without makeup! <3

  7. karlyray says:

    love how you edited the video in the very beginning!

  8. Maria Cicconi says:

    Always enjoy your videos Shannon.
    Maybe you could do a tutorial for more pale skin? Like without your fake
    I’m sure a lot of girls can relate, myself included 🙂 x

  9. Stephanie Webb says:

    Shanon you never ever disappoint

  10. Laura Zisko says:

    I got a little bit too excited when I saw you uploaded a new video :D

  11. Song Thao says:

    Is it just me or I can hear echoing in shan voice. In the middle of her
    video. But I still love u Shan!!! 🙂 ur so gorgeous. <3 

  12. Blonde Nouveau says:

    Really loving this soft glam look! So gorgeous! <3 xo

  13. Vanessa Vanhdivong says:

    That headband never gets old 

  14. rainb0wp00p says:

    Was the audio weird at 4:12 for anyone else?

  15. Toni Modrak says:

    Where did you get that robe?! I NEED it!! ❤️❤️

  16. Leona Price says:

    I want to thank you for still putting out 3 videos a week on YouTube 🙂
    you’re about to hit a milestone soon at 2 million. And the fact that you’re
    still so dedicated to your work and us and still run a few businesses,
    that’s why you always inspire me 🙂 Love your videos xo

  17. NataliesLife says:

    Love you<3

    P.s are there any small youtubers that want to support each other? I can
    sub back 🙂 xx

  18. singing lis says:

    Came here for a makeup tutorial, watched an ad. Why can’t people put ad in
    the title :(

  19. BabsBeauty says:

    Im so glad you use 3ce products!!!! I love their blushes and lip products:)

  20. Mariah Lollipops says:

    Love this but are you ever going to switch up the music

  21. Christine N. says:

    Just so you know it’s pronounced co (like co-ed) Jen (like the name) and do
    (like “do something!”) but it’s not all one word they are separate so don’t
    just run them all together it sounds stupid ☺️ hope that helps!

  22. Wendy Bentley says:

    Loved seeing your routine +Shaaanxo !! <3
    Flawless as always 🙂 xo

  23. Samantha Millan says:

    More Colourpop tutorials using your quad please! 

  24. Brianna Elizabeth says:

    Koh Gen Do has the best face products!!

  25. juliejigsaw says:

    Aw your sneeze was so cute hahaha. I’ve never tried Korean or Japanese
    makeup…hard to find here in the US..

  26. samanthas snow says:

    You should embrace your natural skin colour. 

  27. Chloe Lynn Makeup says:

    I love you Shannon! I don’t really love the videos where you use products
    from one company/box etc. I have no problem with sponsored videos at all
    but it feels like you were forced to use products that don’t really go very
    well together because that’s all they sent you. I don’t know. I seem to
    like your looks a lot more when there are products from different brands.
    It feels more genuine when you choose the products from your own collection
    to go together. ☺️ love you always Shannon!

  28. Slava Damin says:

    it’s 4am here at morocco and im watching your videos haha

  29. Mika Vick says:

    I think you’d look better with fair skin. Not patchy tan skin, plus you
    could take a break lol. I could never keep up with my fake tan I just
    embrace the pale.

  30. Sarah McDonald says:

    Eh. Another sponsored video.

  31. Holly Lee says:

    What is the name of the song you had playing while you were doing your
    eyes!? I am in love!! ❤️

  32. K Castle says:

    I love you and your videos but please use new music

  33. Ebba Wq says:

    amazing, as usual!!!

  34. Eve Smith says:

    really sick of this song

  35. Shannon Underwood says:

    The pigmentation on that eyeshadow trio looks pitiful :/
    You didn’t rant and rave about it so I am assuming you thought the same.
    I really do not mind sponsored videos but my issue lies when there are no
    cons towards any product. If you can not work out a partnership where you
    can’t make any comment that is not grandiose and the raving is so
    repetitive so that you does not sound genuine, maybe you should reconsider
    that particular sponsored video. 8 min of compliments is 6 minutes too long
    for me. Love your videos, only this particular one was disappointing for

  36. MakeupByJodi11 says:

    We have the same last name ☺️ this might seem weird but my dad says that we
    have relatives a long time ago from England so maybe somehow we are related
    haha the Harris side of the family is blonde so you never know! 🙂 

  37. Rhiannon Pearl says:

    Thank you so much for not using normal common already hyped products! It’s
    so nice seeing different brands and different products being used! Xx

  38. raecat90 says:

    I would love to see more videos on your skincare and showing more of your
    routine like in the first few clips. And love the eye makeup!

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