Tonys Guitar Synth Music

Tony’s Guitar Synth’ Music Compositions

My Complete Music Playlist On Reverbnation

    1. My own dreamy Video. ‘Dawn’,(storm brewing)
    1. ‘Midday’ (The storm)
  1. ‘Peaceful evening’ (storm end)

Psychedelic Video. My Music & Video Creation using Strat’ Roland GR 33 Guitar Synth.

My Guitar Synth music video Composition. Fender Strat’ Roland GR33 Guitar Synth. Alternative version with extra weird visual fx.Surreal that has meaning to me & maybe to whatever you may see in it.

My Composition. General freakout tension relieving jam rock with my own backing,using Strat’,Roland Groovebox MC505 for bass and synth sounds. ( My Roland GR33 is in for repair, so having to get by without it, ‘boo hoo!)

My ‘Icy’guitar Instrumental composition with ‘Absynth’ synth software for backing sounds

Just my general 3 part riff set to a psychedelic video montage. (Trying to be Hawkwind & Wishbone Ash at the same time!)

This one was composed using samples from Magix Musicmaker. I also mixed in my own Synth sounds. I’m not really a sample fan but thought i’d get away from the guitar synth stuff  I usually use & have a go at this & also try something different to the usual ‘clubby’ sounds this software is usually associated with.

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