Hair face and body products I use


Most, but not all, of the products I use are natural, biodegradable, vegan, and organic. I try to buy natural type products when possible but not always am I best at it. Honest laundry detergent…



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  1. MissSalty says:

    its so hard for me to find vegan detergents and stuff like that . does
    grocery shops in america has a vegan section ? or do you have to search for
    alternatives too ?

  2. TallythePlantEater says:
  3. Rhee Rad says:

    I love the tom’s deodorant in lemongrass (:

  4. ASAP Del Rey says:

    Do you have Lush products? They’re vegan, all-natural and fair-trade!

    I recently bought Adidas sports deodorant and it smelled so good but the
    deodorant would only last a few hours so then it seemed like you had really
    bad b.o. and as if I had forgotten to put on any deodorant at all. 

  5. rachelleeex33 says:

    This was really helpful, thank you! I have a question for you. When buying
    personal care items like these, do you only make sure they are cruelty-free
    (and not necessarily vegan)? Or do you have some cruelty-free non-vegan
    products only because you purchased them before you started looking for
    vegan products? Thanks!

  6. Katarína Licková says:

    Jupiii! Finally another video from Tally! I enjoy them so much- keep up
    great work :)

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