Hollywood Workout with TJ The Contender

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  1. flexforall2 says:

    Hey Guys! Who should I collaborate with in the future? Let me know in a

  2. ricky dojosefski says:

    haha matt looks hella awkward doin the abs

  3. assassin hernandez says:

    that nigga TJ has no videos tho LOL why subscribe?

  4. NS Bodybuilding says:

    He has the most shredded back!

  5. vitto says:

    Muted outro.

  6. Aj Madic says:

    I have a decently nice physique but have always found it strange when I see
    some of these dudes take off their shirts in the gym. Not hatin btw, dude
    is shredded. Just strange to me.

  7. Alberto Arpista says:

    Matt was too turned up @6:10 with them mount climbers lol

  8. Sameer Ismail says:

    3:53 lol when matt picks those dumbbells up to do shoulder press he’s like
    “fuck out the whey man I ohp more than everyone here squats. about to do 30
    reps. srs”

  9. TheKubzScouts : says:

    You always scare me when you put the dumbbells back on your quads on a
    decline bench at the speed that you do. I always feel you might snap
    something up…but as you say..


  10. Benny Mora says:

    The hodge twins or Steve cook. Or! Dana and rob!

  11. bathroom gainz says:

    DAMN you guys pushing that 110 dumbells like a pussy !

  12. BigBack Jack says:

    Matt’s mountain climbers LOL

  13. Jay Gatsby says:

    Jack if you see this get on skype

  14. xdsimplicity says:

    4:14 Somebody skipped leg day xD

  15. lastninjaitachi says:

    look at how natural they are

  16. NextSurvivor says:

    Maxx Chewning

  17. JJ JAY says:

    you can see me in the background

  18. cooleria says:

    high volume to failure is always more entertaining but i dont know i like
    matt ogus videos a lot always comes out a motivation

  19. stewie griffin says:

    DAE prefer voice over as opposed to just music? Personally I think it makes
    it much more entertaining. ($0.02)

  20. Sal Wayne says:

    Everyone should be like u Matt. Perfect size to match ur strength unlike
    the bodybuilders of today who just have size 

  21. George Rodriguez says:

    Good work man

  22. LORDQUE1F says:

    4:00 is that alpha m.

  23. fangiscool1 says:

    Did Mystery Girl graduate already??

  24. 3D-ABS GLENN says:


  25. mattias huycke says:

    Matt’s form was better on every exercise, no offense to TJ but his reverse
    cable flies were nearly tricep extensions

  26. Chasing Aesthetics says:

    TJ is a beast 

  27. Jeff Drapala says:

    5:16 OMGeezy LA Fitter goin HAM on cable.


  28. Health and Swellness says:

    Collab with Lavado 

  29. muscleandmath says:

    But you gotta do chris jones first. With Vince as well.

  30. Scott McGruer says:

    Is your split still Upper, Lower, Off?

  31. Quang Tran says:

    Looks to me you have a hate group in every video you upload. They come to
    hate together!!

  32. bob916 says:

    Black dude is weak!

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