Homemade Body Scrubs and Masks for Beginners: Over 60 All-Natural Quick & Easy Recipes for Body & Facial Masks to Help Exfoliate, Nourish & Provide the Ultimate Care for Your Skin (FREE Book Offer)

DISCOVER:: Homemade Body Scrubs and Masks for Beginners: Over 60 All-Natural Quick & Easy Recipes for Body & Facial Masks to Help Exfoliate, Nourish & Provide the Ultimate Care for Your Skin

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What makes this book different from other books available on this topic?

This book has a number of things that make it stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Over 60 All-Natural Recipes: Carefully curated recipes proven to help exfoliate, nourish and provide the ultimate care for.

2. Key Takeaways: This section allows you to briefly go back and summarize what this book is about at anytime — you don’t have to re-read the entire book again.

3. Resources List: This well researched list provides you with a number of further references and ideas if you’d like to continue looking into this subject.

Why Would You Want to Make Homemade Body Scrubs and Masks?

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why:

*Using all natural organic oils is much healthier for your skin than the store bought versions

*Store bought products are filled with so many additives that they can clog your skin leading to acne and blemishes

*The recipes in this book contain nothing but the essential ingredients guaranteed to leave your skin looking and feeling amazing

*Not only are homemade body scrubs and masks good for your skin and the environment, it’s also good for your wallet!

DOWNLOAD:: Homemade Body Scrubs and Masks for Beginners

This book contains a number of quick and easy recipes including:

*Coffee Grounds for Oily Skin

*Refreshing, Hydrating Cucumber Mask

*Avocado Mask for Dry Skin

*Exfoliating Peach Scrub Mask

*Almond Scrub

*Vitamin C Packed Skin Brightening Mask

*Moisturizing Carrot Mask for Glowing Skin

*And much, much more!

Here is a Sample Recipe:

Parsley Eye Mask to Get Rid of Dark Circles


-1 teaspoon chopped parsley

-1 teaspoon sour cream


Step 1: Roughly chop a handful of parsley (preferably organic). In a small bowl, grind the leaves with a spoon. Like muddling a drink, you want to grind the parsley until it releases the juice in the leaves.

Step 2: In the same bowl, add sour cream so it combines with the parsley.

Step 3: Apply under eyes, in a thick layer, and let it dry. Should take approximately 10 minutes to dry out.

Step 4: Remove by lightly rubbing with wet hands or a damp cotton ball.

Suggested Use:

Do this twice a week to reduce circles.

Would You Like to Know More?

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You’ll be glad you did!

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    • Melissa
    • 6th August 2014

    Awesome book! I have learned a lot from reading this book. I have been wanting to make my own body scrubs and masks for a very long time and now I have finally found a book that has great information on how to exactly do that! The author has put in different types of natural materials into the book that you will need to make your own natural body scrubs and masks, which was extremely helpful when I made my own. The recipes in this book are great! I tried the coffee grounds for oily skin and it has made my…

    • Rafase282
    • 6th August 2014

    Scrub the dead skin and impurities off I got this book because I like to make my own natural products and I particularly needed something for my feet. The book is well written and full of information for everyone. You will learn how to make scrubs and masks so the ladies will surely love that. However, this is also for men, I personally wanted this to take care of my dried up feet. The rest of the body was alright, but there is always so much dead skin on the sole of the feet. The scrubs all have an ingredients list, preparation and…

    • Anonymous
    • 6th August 2014

    I must confess I am one of those people that has a bathroom full of lotions and potions; many of which deliver promises that typically do not come true and most products are abandoned after a short period of time only to gather dust in some deep ,dark corner of my bathroom closet!I try where I can to be natural but even the big name ‘natural’ companies deliver potions with a list of items I can barely pronounce! I do buy fresh masks now and then, and have a pantry full of things…

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