How to create Amazon Product Bundle (for Amazon Sellers)

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  1. michael ibarra says:

    Jordan, thanks for the insight. I did check with Amazon Seller Support.
    It is permissible to sell food bundles in this way. I am getting the vibe
    that some of the sellers on the message forum outright negative and
    paranoid about aspects of the business. One seller on Amazon claimed she
    knows of individuals are that out to get sellers out of the marketplace who
    make these food bundles. So I am discovering that competition is breeding
    a lot of maliciousness. Anyways, thanks for the followup. By the way,
    your book on Oversized toys was a good one. 

  2. michael ibarra says:

    Jordan, I have a bundling question for you. My question seems to have
    arisen much controversy on a Amazon FBA seller forum. Is one allowed to
    bundle food items together? For example, if I sell a Betty Crocker Vanilla
    cake mix together with a Betty Crocker Chocolate cake mix and use a unique
    UPC, this is a problem? Obviously, as far as expiration dates it would be
    proper to use the earliest expiration date for the bundle.

    Some members state they will ask Amazon to investigate and remove sellers
    who do bundle. Thanks for the answer.

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