How To Create An Amazon Product Page

http://debraconrad.com How I create an amazon Product Page. Remember to use good bullet points, an exciting product description, great keyword phrases and pe…



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  1. DjAmerican Monstah says:

    How much would it cost to create a page similar to Amazon???

  2. goody2love19 says:

    Thanks for upload this video.. I have sold on amazon for few month but i
    still dont know how to create new products. Everytime I am creating a new
    product page on Amazon it won’t let me because they said the upc or ean is
    not exit. Is there anyway can you tell me how to I dinf the upc or ean ? I
    have put the upc of my product that has on the back of product i buy but it
    still not working…I have watched your dvds over and over and try to do so
    many time on amazon but still not working.

  3. Ann Buszard says:

    Thank you!!! I’ve been searching and searching for this information.
    Excellent information.

  4. Hoang Cuong says:

    Where is SKU EAN ??

  5. World Nature Video says:

    very good 🙂

  6. Tammy Johnston says:

    Thanks so much for this video. I am having trouble getting my pictures to
    load when I am creating a product page. Are you using internet explorer? Do
    you just minimize the page while you are waiting for it to load in the
    background? Thanks so much!

  7. Evenstar619 says:

    You have to buy UPC codes, there are a few sites you can buy from and all
    have different rates so you’d have to shop around a little.

  8. goody2love19 says:

    upc or ean ( or barcode you said on your dvds) is that we have to buy it ?
    if yes where we will buy that barcode? I have so many products that I
    bought but it doen’st has any page on amazon so i want to list it up and
    sell but still have problem…is there anyway you can make video that where
    can find the upc or make it works. Thanks (here is my email:
    vdestinyh@yahoo.com) if you can show me it will be great…thanks and have
    a great day

  9. scosum says:

    Thanks a lot Debra! I have a few products that I need to do this with and
    had no idea how. Great information!

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