How To Package Your Amazon FBA Shipments (Making Money Reselling)

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    • W. Brandon Heidel
    • 21st March 2015

    Hey Cody, I’ve been watching your videos for a while, and have to say
    you’re a freakin’ stud with this stuff bro! One thing I really liked about
    this video specifically is that your pace of speech was slowed which made
    the video much easier for me to watch. It’s really great that you’ve got so
    much energy and enthusiasm, some of your videos just seem a little too
    intense for my taste. Anyways, great job, and awesome to keep seeing rock!

    • Annie Carrasco
    • 21st March 2015

    I just came across your channel and absolutely love your contents. I look
    forward to learning from you. Please keep sharing your success.

    By the way, I also liked your XS poster in the kitchen. That’s my favorite
    brand of energy drink. Which is your favorite flavor? 

    • Miguel Guerra
    • 21st March 2015

    I diden’t send any products yet but I have more that 40 items that why I
    prefer be sure before send my first box to amazonfba thanks again..

    • Miguel Guerra
    • 21st March 2015

    hi coby nice video thanks a lot, but I just want to know if i have a
    individual account can I open a professional account after or before to put
    my first products on amazon fba.?

    • Mikevelour
    • 21st March 2015

    Hi, i just commented on another video! Question? You started by stating 4
    different Amazon FBA warehouses… I am still searching and learning, and i
    know the answer is out there but is there a simple explanation? A video of
    yours that address where to ship…

    • catalfamo28
    • 21st March 2015

    I noticed that you do not poly bag your CDs. Do you tape the jewel case
    shut so none of the contents spill out?

    • ShaunieceCooks
    • 21st March 2015

    Happy to see how to ship to Amazon . Now I know NO Packing Peanuts. I
    have so much of it. LOL 

    • John Driver
    • 21st March 2015

    Good video. I would be concerned with breaking the cd jewel cases I sold
    music wholesale in the past and even on well packed boxes had some breakage.

    Also can you have more than one FBA account on Amazon at a time like on
    ebay you can have several different accounts. If you can not can you have
    one in your name and one in your wife’s name?

    One last question. Other than the costs of sourcing your products, prepping
    them, and shipping them to Amazon, what start up costs or monthly fees are
    there to get started?No need to mention storage fees.

    • Larry Lafferty
    • 21st March 2015

    For the labels do you use an ink or lazer printer or both? I think amazon
    said lazer.

    • Park Ave Closet 626
    • 21st March 2015

    FINALLY! A video breaking it down with other than books. You’re right. We
    were overrthinking the whole packing deal. Thanks again, Cody!

    • Johnny Bravo
    • 21st March 2015

    when do you sleep?

    • Caonabban
    • 21st March 2015

    what about the choking stickers on products, 4 inches or more, I didn’t see
    them in your packages?

    • David Meyer
    • 21st March 2015

    Thanks for this. It is so cool to see how others do this and their thought
    process. I have beed doing FBA about as log as you and also have just over
    2000 inventory. As far as bubble wrap, it is ok. The main thing to remember
    is NO PEANUTS and no little or anoying stuff. Everything else goes. Here is
    from Amazon:
    Accepted forms of packing material include:
    Bubble Wrap
    Full sheets of paper (heavy-weight kraft paper is ideal)
    Inflatable Air Pillows
    Foam sheets or cushioning

    All types of packing peanuts including foam strips
    Crinkle wrap
    Shredded paper

    • Trustworthy Tube Reviews
    • 21st March 2015

    I read on the message boards you couldn’t use newspaper for void fill
    because the ink would get on the products… But you’ve been doing it
    awhile so I think I will switch. Saving money, thanks! 

    • Bo Na
    • 21st March 2015

    Thanks to your video. Do you have to label each product and ship it in one
    box or do you just create one packing list that has all your items within
    in it? How will Amazon know to pick the right item once you sell it? 

    • Donald Tjader
    • 21st March 2015

    I started sending boxes in to Amazon, and they have split my items up
    between up to 6 Amazon locations. Any recommendations to simplify that?

    • Christina Goldman
    • 21st March 2015

    You are great packer, Cody! I have to admit, I don’t put that many items
    in one box. So…when do you sleep? LOL!

    • 3089280288
    • 21st March 2015

    This kind of answers my question from your FBA vs merchant fulfillment. So
    if I import new products and pay shipping then I have to package each item
    and pay more shipping to Amazon?

    • johnyretail
    • 21st March 2015

    Cody, I have been watching all of your videos and they have been very
    helpful and low on the B.S.-o-meter. I started shipping to fba 2 weeks
    ago and i just got over 100 sku’s but i’m just learning this sourcing
    thing. I’ve flipped hot products here and there on ebay for over ten years
    but consistency is much harder. Keep up the good work!

    • julchek1
    • 21st March 2015

    the only kind of packing you cannot use is packing peanuts and shredded
    paper. you can use those plastic air filled packs, bubble wrap and packing
    paper, whether it’s newspaper or blank print.

    well you should go over 100 boxes already? that is fantastic. I feel like I
    just watched your video when you were trying to get 12 boxes for the first
    month lol

    • Louie The Seller
    • 21st March 2015

    Great video…I actually had one box never make it to the FBA warehouse.
    Not Amazon’s fault , however, I haven’t shipped one since. This video has
    motivated me to go FBA really hard again…Thanks bro!

    • Dave Koziel
    • 21st March 2015

    Hey Cody, do you always put the barcode that Amazon scans on the box? My
    first couple shipments I did the same thing with no problem but I just read
    the other day about someone who puts them inside the box. Can it be done
    either way?

    • Claudia V Mendoza
    • 21st March 2015

    One more question. When starting to sell on FBA do you recommend I speak to
    an Amazon representative to set up an account, or is it even necessary?

    • Jonathan Mercado
    • 21st March 2015

    God bless you sir your videos will change my life ^^ best luck on your

    • julchek1
    • 21st March 2015

    my roommate works at the Amazon warehouse and has told me that they really
    throw stuff around in there and a lot gets damaged. I would put a little
    shrink wrap or plastic wrap around any books. I’m sure you’ve seen the bins
    where they put all the merchandise…they just try to jam it in there. with
    books I would be afraid of the pages could get ripped or torn or bent

    • TheRealInfiniteJ
    • 21st March 2015

    Hey Cody, quick question. I sold that Rock Band on Amazon and need to ship
    it out. Does Amazon give you a deal if you buy shipping through them when
    it’s merchant fulfilled?

    • Claudia V Mendoza
    • 21st March 2015

    Thanks for making this video. 

    • Kyle unkown mission
    • 21st March 2015

    what size boxes are you using?

    • Charlie p
    • 21st March 2015


    • Pinky Banana
    • 21st March 2015


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