How to Upload A Video to YouTube

A very easy video tutorial on how to upload a video to YouTube. Here is the NEW version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O7iUiftbKU See also How to Edit your …



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  1. michael cristian says:

    Still can’t get it! :(

  2. Bill Streifer says:

    How do you load a video as an http file?

  3. Rianna Galvan says:

    Great now i can finally upload vids on YT!!!

  4. imDANNNj says:


  5. Margaretta Boockfor says:

    While informative, how did you get to that page you have displayed? Doesn’t
    look anything like what I get when I type in youtube,

  6. Kevin Lim says:

    how about google account?

  7. Chief BTB says:

    how do I even put a video on my computer…..plz answer

  8. Sotya Dewati says:

    What app is it?i still don’t get it

  9. Bauerklos says:

    Oh, come on! I understand people using this back in the good ole’ days, but
    in 2014? Seriously? YouTube is INSANELY mainstream. You should be able to
    figure out that you need to record a video in order to upload it, or click
    the upload button to upload it.

  10. Battery Mill says:

    I wish YouTube felt as good as it did back then…

  11. Sotya Dewati says:

    What app is it

  12. NolSky Plays MC says:

    thx alot

  13. Savannah Stanley says:

    Woops I seaid it again

  14. Mentorcase says:

    This was 1 of the first results posted by a search on problems uploading,
    WTF it’s 2013 November.

  15. Khoa Nguyen Ngoc says:

    i dont get what she say

  16. Andy O says:

    Great Job but, You need to specify the movie format better for YOUTUBE,

    Respectfully; Andy

  17. Ernesto Castillo says:

    Thank you so much know I can upload videos on YouTube. 

  18. sajjadhussian21@yahoo.com says:

    thannks maite

  19. Bostari Mohamad says:

    Thz 4 teach me

  20. Govinda chapagai says:

    That was best video 

  21. neha mkbashir says:


  22. Hayden Crafts says:

    Thanks mam

  23. tashaun campbell says:

    thanks your helpful :D

  24. gabe moler says:

    thank you so much i now can make gaming videos

  25. TheColorOfCaramel says:

    But what if you’re trying to upload from your smartphone.

  26. Kannan RKN says:


  27. coralie ithier says:

    Thank you so much

  28. Cindy Goreti says:


  29. Noble 6 says:

    Than this for help

  30. ren tuling says:

    ok :)

  31. Nippleeyes Forreason says:

    This was 2008 guys
    And she have me a boner

  32. Charles Woodhall says:


  33. you tubedot com/Tamyah says:


  34. Maria el-hikmah says:

    i’m not going to upload videos, i need the procedures only… thanks…

  35. emelda nasir says:

    I lilke it i hope i can also

  36. Larissa Johnson says:

    Thanks!! Im Gonna Subscribe!!

  37. Brendan Parker says:


  38. Telisah Marrow says:

    I did it

  39. Adriana Ortega says:

    Old lady lol

  40. Eri Er says:


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