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GET 30 DAYS OF INVENTORYLAB FREE HERE!: http://goo.gl/wB9yj6 I recently had a chance to use Inventory Lab to prepare an FBA shipment of approximately 250 boo…


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    • claudius2u
    • 13th October 2014

    Revisiting this – I’m zeroing in on the most effective tools to manage my
    end-of-year projection to start with an Amazon-based marketing system.
    Again Inventory Lab catches my attention, and your excellent review here.

    Being retired with very limited funds, the start up will need to be very
    frugal, and efficient, and reliable. I’ve read good reviews for
    ProfitBandit and ScanPower, but how they work with IL is not clear.

    I will invest in a PDA or disconnected cell phone with a scanner strapped
    to a finger, much like when I did inventory checking in a warehouse, so
    having core equipment that interfaces together and with my desktop to
    manage the entire process including office operations is a critical design
    criteria I am looking for solutions for.

    Thank you so much for your great information, and the care you give!:-))

    • claudius2u
    • 13th October 2014

    What’s wrong with meshing Amazon’s financial account data with your desktop
    bookkeeping program?

    Besides, why is nobody combining scouting services with bookkeeping?

    • cybersoil100
    • 13th October 2014

    Rob, what program do you use for your green screen production?

    • Jacklyn Deans
    • 13th October 2014

    Thank you for making a video about this! This program is exactly what I
    needed. It is 3 weeks in and it has been a godsend. Thank you, thank you,
    and thank you again.

    • Chuck Garrett
    • 13th October 2014

    Question is this a cloud app or what I have to install on my home system?
    And can I use this on my ipad or tablet? Tks.

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hi there. This is a really hard question to answer in regards to
    InventoryLab vs. ScanPower as you get different tools for each product. If
    you are looking for a bookkeeping solution AND listing tool but are not
    looking for the scanning app I would absolutely recommend Inventory Lab
    over ScanPower. If you are already using the ScanPower app, want access to
    the other tools that they have and are not looking to use the bookkeeping
    function you would go with that. So, it is really up to your

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hey there. First off I’d like to say “THANK YOU” for purchasing the items
    that you learned about via my videos through my affiliate links! That is
    VERY COOL of you! 🙂 I am glad that you are enjoying and benefiting from
    the recommendations on this channel and yes, it is always sincere and from
    the heart! Regarding your Toy SR question that one is tough as it is not
    the same for all business models. I buy all toys (with decent margin) under
    75K without thinking about it. My “outside” SR is 200K.

    • ArchInternetSuperstore
    • 13th October 2014

    Hi Rob, Trying to figure out the “hotness” of an item in the many amazon
    categories. Have a pretty good feel for books, dvd, music etc. But the
    other categories not so sure about. Consumer Electronics, Toys, Everything
    Else, Home, etc. I list in almost all categories and now listing based on
    profit. BUT some things I am sure I should not be buying based on rank. For
    example, I don’t want to send a $15 book into FBA that has a 2 million+
    rank. Need some equivalent of that in (continued)

    • Jessica Larrew
    • 13th October 2014

    You are right on the money Rob. I get excited now to check my numbers for
    the month, because it is so easy! I used to just do the “cash method”. Now,
    I know exactly what is profit for the month.

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    situation on what you will choose. I will say that I like Inventory Lab A
    LOT and (since I also do my re-pricing by hand) am really looking forward
    to their re-pricing tool that will protect the margins! I have heard too
    many horror stories of re-pricers going wrong for me to feel comfortable
    (right now) of letting go of the reigns. I will not miss doing the
    re-pricing by hand AND I know that whenever I re-price I sell much more and
    that will make a big difference in my business! Take Care -Rob

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hi there. If you are looking for a desk scanner to input your products
    while listing them on Amazon you can get a scanner that many people have
    had great success with for around $40. You can see the products that I
    recommend for doing an FBA business at dollarmoves(dot)com/resources. I
    also have demo’s of some of the products. If you have more time than money
    (for monthly fees) I would recommend getting the “Basic Esales Bookkeeping
    System” (click “show more” under video for a link to purchase).

    • Roger Beeman
    • 13th October 2014

    I am a newbie to this business. Book keeping looks like the worst part of
    this business. I do want to get a scanner. My question is, if you don’t
    already have a scanner or a book keeping program, what is the easiest way
    to avoid double work when entering data. Is it worth it to have Scan Power
    and Inventory Lab. My funds are very limited right now for monthly
    subscription fees. What is the less expensive way of scanning and book
    keeping ?

    • PersianPrideTime
    • 13th October 2014

    Yes! You read my mind… Literally yesterday i was wondering what inventory
    lab was like. And you just gave a greeeat review! Im going to get it now.
    Just a note or tip ” for thebasic eSales you can just type in the total
    amazon fee instead of putting in ”pick and pack” ”handling” theres no
    need to type in each one just the total.” I always use your affiliate
    links because you put in time for videos, answer questions, and helpother
    people out. Thanks Rob -Shahin

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Now, some people are going to disagree and I’m cool with that because that
    is just my business model. Some people go by the bottom 5% or 10% which for
    toys currently would be around: 1.5million and 3 million rank. You just
    have to decide what you are comfortable with. A good rule of thumb is to
    start buying things at a lower rank…say everything under 30K and then
    playing with rank until you find your “sweet spot”. I will send you the
    bill…LOL. Good luck out there! -Rob

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hey there Shahin! I’m really glad that you like the review! I try to be as
    thorough as possible (without being boring). Thanks for the “heads up” on
    the Basic Esales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet…I always list things so that my
    accountant can decide how to deal with the different fees. Now that I found
    InventoryLab I shouldn’t have to worry about it anymore! I really
    appreciate you purchasing via my affiliate links & also appreciate your
    kind words! Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hey there. Yeah, Inventory Lab is SUPER EASY TO USE and gives such GREAT
    INFORMATION back! Like I said in the video…”I look forward to every time
    I get to use it”! I haven’t had a reason to contact support but that is
    great to hear! I really appreciate you “passing it on” so that others (that
    might be hesitant) can have comfort knowing someone is there if needed!
    Thanks a lot for watching and commenting. Take Care -Rob

    • VegasJimC
    • 13th October 2014

    would you suggest this over scan power? Also….do you currently use any
    re-pricing tools? If so, can you give me any tips you may have for setting
    it up etc. It seems very complicated, but I’m sick of going in to each of
    my listings 1 by 1 and doing it manually.

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    If you are going to be using a listing program (and are not using ScanPower
    for the smart phone scanning app) I would absolutely recommend using
    InventoryLab! Not only is it super easy to use to list products to Amazon
    it takes care of all of the Amazon side of the bookkeeping…as you sell
    more and have more transactions you will be VERY HAPPY that you use
    InventoryLab! It is such a great service and Ryan (CEO of InventoryLab) has
    assured me that he has BIG PLANS for the future of IL! -Rob

    • DollarMoves
    • 13th October 2014

    Hey Jessica. The feature of having all of the numbers right there at any
    time is SO COOL! I really like that you can get a “snapshot” of your
    business for any date…that will make end of the year taxes super easy! I
    really appreciate you “turning me on” to InventoryLab…I am really excited
    about making it my new bookkeeping system! Thanks for watching and
    commenting! Take Care -Rob

    • ArchInternetSuperstore
    • 13th October 2014

    those other categories. Should I list a $15 toy that has 1.2 million rank
    on amazon? I know sales rank just indicates when the last time that item
    sold. Any advise on that would be very helpful. Thanks for the videos Rob.
    Great recommendations always.. and always from the heart. I’ve implemented
    quite a few of the ideas you’ve presented from using Neatoscan to cleaning
    discs, to buying label scrapers. Thank you very much Rob! I’ve “clicked
    through” on many of those things too for you.

    • Steve Stepp
    • 13th October 2014

    I use Inventory Lab and LOVE it. Not only is it a great product but the
    support rocks too.

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