Jungle Girls Pack (Golden Temple Amazons / Amazonia / Diamonds of Kilimandjaro)

Diamonds Of Kilimandjaro An expedition consisting of members of a British family and an expert hunter penetrate deep into the jungles of darkest Africa. The team searches for treasure, and for Diana, an English girl who was lost in the jungles as a child. Diana is now a beautiful young woman who lives with a tribe of savage headhunters, the Mabutos. Sexy Katja Bienert stars as the naked goddess worshipped by the savage cannibals. Director Jess Franco takes the Tarzan concept and twists it into an amazing world of sex and cannibals. Golden Temple Amazons A tribe of Amazons is zealously guarding a mysterious fortress built on top of a gold mine. Uruck and his cruel, sadistic mistress Rena rule the tribe. Some 15 years ago an explorer discovered their golden temple, and the Amazons who were intent on protecting their secret slaughtered both him and his wife. However, their daughter, Liana, was spared and grew up in the jungle, raised by tribesmen. Now a beautiful girl, Liana (roaming the jungle half-naked) finds out the fate of her parents and sets out to avenge them. An entertaining film containing large amounts of nudity and sadism. Directed by Jess Franco. Amazonia Ten years after her ordeal in the jungles of the Amazon, Catherine narrates her grueling experience to a news reporter: At age 18, Catherine leaves her London prep school to be with her parents at their factory stationed in the amazon Jungle. As the family enjoys a boat trip into the jungle, a tribe of headhunters ambushes them and her parents are killed. Catherine is then taken hostage by the tribe. Over the next few years, Catherine is forced to live by the tribe’s barbaric rituals and savagery while always remembering who she is, where she comes from, and remaining “civilized”. Until, that is, she finds out the truth concerning the murder of her parents.



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  1. Brian T "The Coolest Movies" says:

    Jiggle Girls, really, but the price is finally right for this junk… With Shriek Show, connoisoeurs of eurotrash know its best to wait, because quite frankly, few of the titles in their catalogue are worth the single-disc asking price! BUT, as with their Post Apocalyptic Action Triple Feature Pack, their Psycho Killers Triple Feature Pack, their Jungle Horror Triple Feature Pack, their Martial Arts Triple Feature Pack and their Evil Animals Triple Feature Pack, their Zombie Triple Feature Pack, their Wicked Women Triple Feature Pack, and their Demons Triple…

  2. trebe says:

    topless women running wild in the jungle… This collection contains three movies from the 1980’s that feature young women in an adventure set in the jungle. They vary in seriousness and tone, but what they do have in common is ample nudity. If exploitation cinema with topless women in a natural setting is of interest, then these films might be worth a look, however perhaps only one of them has even a half decent story to accompany the nudity.Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story (1985) Rating: 3.5 starsJust out of…

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