Jungle Girls Pack (Golden Temple Amazons / Amazonia / Diamonds of Kilimandjaro)

Dia­monds Of Kil­i­mand­jaro An expe­di­tion con­sist­ing of mem­bers of a British fam­i­ly and an expert hunter pen­e­trate deep into the jun­gles of dark­est Africa. The team search­es for trea­sure, and for Diana, an Eng­lish girl who was lost in the jun­gles as a child. Diana is now a beau­ti­ful young woman who lives with a tribe of sav­age head­hunters, the Mab­u­tos. Sexy Kat­ja Bienert stars as the naked god­dess wor­shipped by the sav­age can­ni­bals. Direc­tor Jess Fran­co takes the Tarzan con­cept and twists it into an amaz­ing world of sex and can­ni­bals. Gold­en Tem­ple Ama­zons A tribe of Ama­zons is zeal­ous­ly guard­ing a mys­te­ri­ous fortress built on top of a gold mine. Uruck and his cru­el, sadis­tic mis­tress Rena rule the tribe. Some 15 years ago an explor­er dis­cov­ered their gold­en tem­ple, and the Ama­zons who were intent on pro­tect­ing their secret slaugh­tered both him and his wife. How­ev­er, their daugh­ter, Liana, was spared and grew up in the jun­gle, raised by tribes­men. Now a beau­ti­ful girl, Liana (roam­ing the jun­gle half-naked) finds out the fate of her par­ents and sets out to avenge them. An enter­tain­ing film con­tain­ing large amounts of nudi­ty and sadism. Direct­ed by Jess Fran­co. Ama­zo­nia Ten years after her ordeal in the jun­gles of the Ama­zon, Cather­ine nar­rates her gru­el­ing expe­ri­ence to a news reporter: At age 18, Cather­ine leaves her Lon­don prep school to be with her par­ents at their fac­to­ry sta­tioned in the ama­zon Jun­gle. As the fam­i­ly enjoys a boat trip into the jun­gle, a tribe of head­hunters ambush­es them and her par­ents are killed. Cather­ine is then tak­en hostage by the tribe. Over the next few years, Cather­ine is forced to live by the tribe’s bar­bar­ic rit­u­als and sav­agery while always remem­ber­ing who she is, where she comes from, and remain­ing “civ­i­lized”. Until, that is, she finds out the truth con­cern­ing the mur­der of her par­ents.



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  1. Brian T "The Coolest Movies" says:

    Jig­gle Girls, real­ly, but the price is final­ly right for this junk… With Shriek Show, con­noisoeurs of euro­trash know its best to wait, because quite frankly, few of the titles in their cat­a­logue are worth the sin­gle-disc ask­ing price! BUT, as with their Post Apoc­a­lyp­tic Action Triple Fea­ture Pack, their Psy­cho Killers Triple Fea­ture Pack, their Jun­gle Hor­ror Triple Fea­ture Pack, their Mar­tial Arts Triple Fea­ture Pack and their Evil Ani­mals Triple Fea­ture Pack, their Zom­bie Triple Fea­ture Pack, their Wicked Women Triple Fea­ture Pack, and their Demons Triple…

  2. trebe says:

    top­less women run­ning wild in the jun­gle… This col­lec­tion con­tains three movies from the 1980’s that fea­ture young women in an adven­ture set in the jun­gle. They vary in seri­ous­ness and tone, but what they do have in com­mon is ample nudi­ty. If exploita­tion cin­e­ma with top­less women in a nat­ur­al set­ting is of inter­est, then these films might be worth a look, how­ev­er per­haps only one of them has even a half decent sto­ry to accom­pa­ny the nudity.Amazonia: The Cather­ine Miles Sto­ry (1985) Rat­ing: 3.5 starsJust out of…

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