Mashed Protatoes Episode 1

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    • Protatomonster
    • 5th March 2015

    Something new for you this time around ­čśÇ Let me know what you think in the
    comments down below! Thanks again for watching and also be sure to check
    out the Alphadraft contest we have going on right now (link in description
    box)! Cheers and thanks again <3

    *Feel free to share this video however you can! Anything is greatly

    • Noticed
    • 5th March 2015

    What happen to the old episodes with the whole “FREEZE IT” and then have
    really cool CGI like footage? I miss that! The whole reason I subscribed in
    the first place ´╗┐

    • Derek Hwang
    • 5th March 2015

    Did I just watch a blender murder three potatoes?
    0:34 – 0:40´╗┐

    • Roger Mayes
    • 5th March 2015

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    C0des,Steam Wallet M0ney,Fifa15 C0ins and League of Legends free RIOT
    –> *AddictedCheats**.**Com*´╗┐

    • Frosty Skull
    • 5th March 2015

    2:05 – That’s my clip -_- that george guy didnt submit that, fix your crap.
    Check my videos for proof.´╗┐

    • Mohammed Rahid
    • 5th March 2015

    Fail, frosty skull submitted that Katarina clip LOLOL´╗┐

    • Fuzy Gaming
    • 5th March 2015

    This is a great idea man. I say you just add funny music to it and goofy
    sounds. ´╗┐

    • Rayne Linstrom
    • 5th March 2015

    YES! Great idea for a show ­čśÇ can’t wait for more. ´╗┐

    • Justin Castro
    • 5th March 2015

    I don’t see any funny about it when you complementary. It doesn’t syc very
    well with “serious” voice towards funny stuff in the video´╗┐

    • Apple Pear and all the fruits
    • 5th March 2015

    Holy cow did you guys see this promotion ?
    There’s this company that’s like HumbleBundle but with bigger games and you
    don’t have to give them a dime. The offer might expire soon so hurry up.
    Everything’s explained in that G+ post, enjoy! :D´╗┐

    • Philip Ward
    • 5th March 2015

    Quicky someone pass the gravy!´╗┐

    • Scarletmoon
    • 5th March 2015

    that Lee lol it was really fast thinking´╗┐

    • Poke Szymon
    • 5th March 2015

    This penta with soraka was on normal game? or ranked?
    how much division?´╗┐

    • Idkanoke
    • 5th March 2015

    There was no trinket so basically this Kata is just hacking.´╗┐

    • EnCey2
    • 5th March 2015

    Please, please, PLEASE not another intro sequence :/
    Just show the “Mashed Protatoes” text for some secs and it’ll be fine.

    I always skip the intro in the top 5 plays too (necromancer viking potatoe)
    because I couldn’t care less about it and it takes too long for me to be
    acceptable to watch.
    At least get the current 12 second intro down to 5 seconds or less please

    Other than that, I’m looking forward to this series.´╗┐

    • Julius Caesar
    • 5th March 2015

    I think Machinima already has this kind of series. Yeah, its got over 200
    episodes so far. Random lol moments.´╗┐

    • SpiderGoose LoL
    • 5th March 2015

    Are we able to submit clips from the skin spotlights program? Thanks´╗┐

    • Kevin Chou
    • 5th March 2015

    I think that it would be cool if it is kinda like Random Lol Moments, where
    instead of narrating u show us whats happening with fun effects.´╗┐

    • Tim Scarff
    • 5th March 2015

    Soooo basically top 5 plays without a numerical ranking system and less
    editing with more talking? Great new series idea, groundbreaking really.

    • Kadir Eker
    • 5th March 2015

    47 secs intro, people dont have time for dat´╗┐

    • Lee Sin
    • 5th March 2015

    too less video, too many ads. unsub and fuck off.´╗┐

    • geebeepman
    • 5th March 2015

    while some might say getting saved while the titanic theme plays in the
    back is getting old, i say MORE!´╗┐

    • Robert Fancyman
    • 5th March 2015

    I like this series already. Intro is kinda horrifying though. That family
    of potatoes getting slaughtered by a blender :C´╗┐

    • Vidzz
    • 5th March 2015

    DAMN shots fired at Katarina mains! I love you protato <3´╗┐

    • Ephraim Gonzales
    • 5th March 2015

    Mashed Potato LOL what a title´╗┐

    • dragonigthFX
    • 5th March 2015

    This is awesome! Can’t wait for the next episode!´╗┐

    • Igor Henrique
    • 5th March 2015

    “Making Joe Miller proud” – RIGHT IN THE FEELS MAN :(´╗┐

    • XanGious
    • 5th March 2015

    why dont you use the matt version of my heart will go on lol´╗┐

    • ticao88
    • 5th March 2015

    dude you are totally nailing it!!! this channel is evolving in such a
    great, consistent and creative way!!! when I first started following you, I
    noticed the view count of new videos wasn’t reaching previous standards.
    but then you turned it all around when you update the channel and made
    changes, including the play Pro Play of the week and some reaaaaaally
    impressive animations that represent huge TFs. Congrats!!! please keep it

    • SaraphL
    • 5th March 2015

    If only this channel wasn’t full sellout, that would be amazing.´╗┐

    • King Odin Ôł× LoL Content Creator Ôł×
    • 5th March 2015

    Hilarious series GJ! Quite enjoyable.´╗┐

    • Alexander Archer
    • 5th March 2015

    Unsubbed for potato violence D:´╗┐

    • Musa Kaleem
    • 5th March 2015

    You could mix pro play, pro plays and like these ones so we don’t get bored
    of watching top 5 plays

    And I liked this new potato series´╗┐

    • pong lenis
    • 5th March 2015

    stop this annoying advertisement -.-´╗┐

    • Cyber Sound
    • 5th March 2015

    Watch my channel guys.I hope one day they will put some of my videos in
    their channel.I have a problem cuz my vids arent recorded by LOL Replay or
    OPGG so I cant send a video to them.I think this is perhaps the only way
    dat they will notice me´╗┐

    • Opal Shade
    • 5th March 2015

    Woah, that intro D:´╗┐

    • Phili721
    • 5th March 2015

    how did that kat jump ? ´╗┐

    • 7lime
    • 5th March 2015

    Whao I thought all the new ideas have been depleated on YouTube, OMEGA
    GOODJAB! Now we wait, for the rest of the top 5 LoL youtubers to join the

    • MrBretowsky
    • 5th March 2015

    Mashed Prolapses´╗┐

    • Kieran Marriott
    • 5th March 2015

    Alpha draft is a scam, my brother won 10$ on it on free tournaments and his
    account got deleted because he hadn’t invested money into it DO NOT GO ON

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