My Evening Skin Care Routine | Fleur De Force (ad)

My current evening skincare routine for clear, glowing skin! This video is sponsored by The Body Shop. All opinions are my own. Expand for more INFO & LINKS! PRODUCTS MENTIONED The …


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    • Fleur DeForce
    • 25th January 2015

    NEW VIDEO just went up! My Evening Skin Care Routine http://po.st/3HJFhA

    • Fleur DeForce
    • 25th January 2015

    My evening skin care routine for clear, glowing, HAPPY skin!

    • Flor Portugal
    • 25th January 2015

    Thank you for let us know the video was sponsored by Body Shop! Let us all
    know this kind of things… Because I think that demonstrated your honesty!

    • Fleur DeForce
    • 26th January 2015

    Did you see my new video yet?! My Evening Skincare routine including a few
    new amaze discoveries! Check it out: http://po.st/3HJFhA

    • Adela
    • 26th January 2015

    *You know who is an amazing and beautiful person? Read the fist word.*
    Haha.. sneaky me

    • Ellen Zhang
    • 26th January 2015

    Best cleansing oil: body shop camomile cleansing oil, sancturay spa product
    not good for sensitive skin

    • Twerpy Turtle
    • 26th January 2015

    When you do the morning routine could you film yourself using the products?
    With maybe a voice over or something? 

    • Becky Elliott
    • 26th January 2015

    This makes me want to get back into my skin care + i LOVE the body shop <3
    Any small youtubers looking to support each other??
    sub to me and ill sub back asap 🙂 <3

    • Eve Bennett
    • 26th January 2015

    Your skin is so perfect

    • fabiprincess23
    • 26th January 2015

    Demo dont be lazy have many subscriptions :/

    • devante11
    • 26th January 2015

    This woman has OCD. She is constantly buying crap and thinks buying
    expensive crap to put on her face makes her pretty. Insecure about her
    looks is a understatement.

    • Cora LovesGlam
    • 26th January 2015

    I know this is annoying but would any of you be willing to check out my
    chan.? Please give me a chance. 

    • muzalalapink09
    • 26th January 2015

    Omg you are so beautifull your videos are so cool I love them:)
    Do someone want to be


    If you sub I will sub back and watch some of your videos:)

    • LookFromNature
    • 26th January 2015

    Your makeup looks so dewy and you should definitely try some organic facial
    rosehip oil for night time skin care routine :)

    • chriseqisaeqmoi
    • 26th January 2015

    Edleweiss, Edlleweiss, ev’ry morning you greet me. Edleweiss, Edleweiss,
    you look happy to meet me. Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow. Bloom
    and grow, Forever, Edleweiss, edleweiss, bless my homeland forever! Love
    musicals and The Sound of Music is no exception. Glad the ingredient in
    that face mask reminded you of that too, Fleur.

    • Tammy Orthrodat
    • 26th January 2015

    may not want to listen to her as shes being paid to add the body shop

    • YourGirlAbla
    • 26th January 2015

    You look absolutely glowing and beautiful ! The body shop dose have great
    products as well ! thanks for sharing this video ! also i make beauty/
    fitness videos for y’all, come join my squad !! just saying <3 

    • Alexandra Waller
    • 26th January 2015

    hey, loving the videos am new subscriber. just wondered whether you use any
    exfoliating products? I always use a acid(the friendly kind) in my routine.
    Love the sound of the body shop mask when is that out I stores I’ve not
    seen or heard of it. X

    • Kippi Roo
    • 26th January 2015

    Is the body shop mask like a budget version of the origins drink up
    overnight mask? I was looking into buying the origins one but I was
    concerned it would feel really greasy over night so I’m wondering if this
    one would be better xxx

    • chanda Alyssa
    • 26th January 2015

    ily so much omg <3

    any small youtubers wanna support each other?:)

    • Tiny Nguyen
    • 26th January 2015

    Don’t you use a spatula to get the products out instead of with your
    fingers…..that’s not very hygienic. But now I’m interested in that
    sleeping mask! I have been using sleeping mask for years and love them!

    • Cherry W
    • 26th January 2015

    I love the no clogs allowed mask from Soap&Glory…so nice how it

    • FIFII
    • 26th January 2015

    I was so excited for this, until I saw ad…goodbye Fleur!

    • Sabrina W.
    • 26th January 2015

    Fleur i Love you

    • citrastar88
    • 26th January 2015

    Have you tried anything from the brand Mario Badescu? if so, what do you
    think of the brand/products

    • Laura B
    • 26th January 2015

    Oh hey! I recently decided to update my nighttime routine and bought a
    bunch of products from the Body Shop, ha. Well, three, but it’s expensive
    so it counts as a bunch XD
    I got the Aloe night cream and eye cream, and the cleansing oil that they
    So far I’m loving the aloe stuff, mainly because it’s unscented. I live in
    Florida, so I don’t need anything too heavy but I want some hydration, so
    it works out really well for me.
    I’ve only tried the cleansing oil once (I don’t wear makeup every day) but
    it seems pretty great! It’s my first cleansing oil. It melted all my makeup
    away really well. I don’t wear a lot of waterproof stuff, but I do have
    some stubborn makeup. I also tested it with some waterproof stuff on the
    back of my hand. It took some rubbing, but eventually it got everything
    off. So, I like it.

    Right now my night time routine is: Use my clarisonic with some Cetaphil
    Use some apple cider vinegar diluted with water as a toner (I swear by this)
    Use the Aloe night cream from the body shop
    Use the eye cream
    Done :)

    • muge oskay
    • 26th January 2015

    Anyone tried that Bodyshop mask? It sounds nice but since it’s ad i dont
    find the review dependable. 

    • Sonia Szoja
    • 26th January 2015

    The Body Shop mask looks so different. I may have to check it out. If
    anyone has any other good eye cream suggestions I would love to know!(:

    • parky
    • 26th January 2015

    LOL i love how Fleur put “AD” in the title. one of any reasons for loving
    her :)

    • Wendy P Mann
    • 26th January 2015

    Ok I need to get back to The Body Shop!! I use the camomile face oil to get
    the make up off – so good and the Vitamin E serum/oil for night time.
    Totally hydrates my skin overnight. And YES – drops of Youth range is
    FANTASTIC!! Need this balm. 🙂 thanks Fleur for recommendations. 

    • Jasmin B
    • 26th January 2015

    I feel like this video was made for Innuendo Bingo…ahaha 😉 Something
    about the hand cream discussion. ANYWAY, loved it, and I’m super intrigued
    by the Body Shop mask. In love with cleansing water also, but I’m using the
    Garnier Micellar, both because the Bioderma’s out of my financial reach and
    because the Garnier works perfectly for a decent price!!

    • Kat Westwood
    • 26th January 2015

    Sounds weird but I love WATCHING people use their products, so actually
    seeing the routine or swatching make up bought or trying on clothes from a
    haul etc. I’d love to see your routines in action, maybe for your morning
    one? I know it’s way more work and not as informative with your thoughts on
    the products but it would be way more entertaining and I can try SEE the
    effects…thanks Fleur =)

    • Victoria Jones
    • 26th January 2015

    The sephora cleansing water does work really well, but it burns my eyes! I
    use the neutrogena eye makeup remover first then follow with sephora stuff
    and it works for me!!

    • Lúcia Brown
    • 26th January 2015

    absolutely love your hair here!

    • ≫ aWildflowerLife ≪
    • 26th January 2015

    I loved the Sound of Music!! 🙂 That overnight mask sounds so interesting,
    and I definitely want to try it out!! <3

    • qwertydee
    • 26th January 2015

    Fleur, I’ve been watching since you began and while I’ll always support
    you, you’re going to have to start upping your game if you’re to compete
    with similar YouTubers – Viewers expect demos and decent editing. You just
    talking to the camera for 10 mins? Snooze central! 

    • Kelly McKelly
    • 26th January 2015

    I remember when Bioderma came out people were raving blue murder about it.
    I see a lot of gurus finding alternatives that they like better now. Your
    hair here is so lovely. Love the look of that bouncy mask. I LOVE the Bite
    Agave lipmask. It works sooo well.

    • TheKateAshe
    • 26th January 2015

    These skincare videos always make me want to go out and get nice products
    for overnight care. It must feels so amazingly luxurious and calming as a
    ritual before bed. 

    • Genesis Aguilar
    • 26th January 2015

    Do you have a different skin routine for Winter? Thanks Fleur love you and
    your videos<3

    • MissDice0007
    • 26th January 2015

    I love the Origins Overnight Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. It saves my
    skin in winter. 

    • angie x
    • 26th January 2015

    I cant recommend enough the Sanctuary Leave on exfoliating cream…its no
    grain so gentle but very effective, i apply at night and sleep with it
    on..next morning your skin is so soft….ive had no oiliness, no dryness,
    no spots… just great skin in the year i have been using this. 

    • AmandAsanaBeauty
    • 26th January 2015

    Your hair is awesome in this vid! What are you wearing on your lips in this

    • Kat Horrocks
    • 26th January 2015

    I really like the idea of that sleeping mask! It has good reviews on The
    Body Shop website as well 🙂 

    • Caroline Hof
    • 26th January 2015

    Has anyone tried the embryolisse lait creme concentre? I need opinions! 🙂
    also, LOVE YOU FLEUR xx

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