My Night Routine!

I hope you guys enjoy my current night routine, please thumbs up and subscribe if you do!! Can we try to get this to 1000 likes?! ☆ RELATED VIDEOS ☆ Meal Prep with Me! Healthy Make-Ahead…


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    • MissLizHeart
    • 8th March 2015

    I’m reading the girl on the train too!! Well it’s on audible, so listening?
    Lol I love your routine videos!! You always have amazing recommendations :)

    • VasseurBeauty
    • 8th March 2015

    Did you guys spot our friend evil bunny in the vid?!

    • Mollie Rose
    • 8th March 2015

    I started doing pilates reformer because of you! You mentioned it in one of
    your videos recently(ish)! I was so happy there was a Club Pilates studio
    in my area and I love it! I have a lower back injury and mat pilates has
    hurt my back but the Pilates reformer causes me no pain and it’s such a
    great workout! Great video…I really enjoy your routine videos! I can
    always see how much effort you put into filming and editing them :)

    • Jelena Zivanovic
    • 8th March 2015

    Lovely video!! I always enjoy watching your videos!<3

    • NattieMaddie Luv
    • 8th March 2015

    Love your night review… Is looking at the skincare that you use, seems as
    though it’s for more Mature skin. I am wondering if it will be to much for
    my son. I wanted to try the serum and the eye roller gold serum. Thoughts?

    • Savannah Green
    • 8th March 2015

    So is the ALA cream your night mousturizer? … Probably not ideal for
    people with dry skin? 

    • 8th March 2015

    What app do you use to edit your videos with 

    • Bows and Nails
    • 8th March 2015

    I love that diffuser! I didn’t know Cash Cab still came on. <3

    • AyahB94
    • 8th March 2015

    I’m a recent subscriber, and usually I don’t comment but I just HAD to!
    You’re by far one of my favorite YouTubers! I’m following 1000+ channels,
    and honestly yours is nothing like I’ve seen before! It’s special, fun and
    beautiful! Lots of love from Saudi Arabia xx 

    • April Hercules
    • 8th March 2015

    i did not even notice the bunny lol.

    • Snigdha Singh
    • 8th March 2015

    Nyc video.. I love that oil diffuser surely lukkin forwad to buy it.. Love
    this video :-)

    • Nicolette Shasky
    • 8th March 2015

    That chili recipe looks awesome! I’ll have to try it. Also, do you go to
    The Pilates Room Studios? Or a different place? I’ve tried Pilates Room
    Studios through Groupon before and tbh wasn’t too thrilled with it but I’d
    love to find another reformers pilates studio that I enjoy more (I’m in
    Southern CA). Dude, can totally relate to the sitting in bed/on the couch
    looking at our phones with my boyfriend! Haha this is the age we live in :P

    • Maria B
    • 8th March 2015

    I see Ryan has his wedding vows all figured out

    • radiantchristina
    • 8th March 2015

    body wash that smells like vacation??!!! i’m in!! and OMG..my husband
    repeats my answers in cash cab too hahahahaha. The Girl on The Train is on
    my TBR..i hope to get to it soon. Also, where did you get that difusser??
    love it. 

    • Ti Zhou
    • 8th March 2015

    Hi Vasseur, I am so into your video editing skill, everything looks so
    youthful, vivid and inspiring on your channel. I want to start a beauty
    channel as you did, do you have any tips for how to start or how to edit?

    • Vicctorria
    • 8th March 2015

    Your videos are seriously so great! I always learn something new from you
    or am inspired to change up something in my routines/life 🙂 Thank you!

    • Adda May
    • 8th March 2015

    Best night routine video! I am definitely going to try the recipe you
    featured, as well as look into an oil diffuser. =)


    • Allen Staley
    • 8th March 2015

    I have a question about the “hot lips” product on your moms skincare
    website, is it a gloss (more for women)? or does it dry matte so guys can
    wear it
    thank you!! you’re amazing!!! ordering the gold serum btw hahah

    • Beth CK
    • 8th March 2015

    I love cash cab!! My mom and I always watch it together 🙂 love this video

    • Polished By Amy
    • 8th March 2015

    Haha, the end is so real life! Loved the video girly, so well edited :)

    • Cassidy Lane
    • 8th March 2015

    This was so good!!! Lots of great tips and info, fun to watch…and the
    ending so funny!!!! You are seriously the best

    • Bridget Byington
    • 8th March 2015

    I just discovered you and let’s be real for a second, you legit have the
    best channel on YouTube! So thought out and quality!

    • lisa mulvey
    • 9th March 2015

    This was another awesome video!! What kind of diffuser do you use!? I love
    that it lights up!

    • dccomicgirls
    • 9th March 2015

    Oh my goodness….the end of ur videos are the best part lol!!!!

    • shakyra causby
    • 9th March 2015

    You’re absolutely beautiful with such a sweet personality! Will always be
    one of my favorite youtuber <3

    • alejandra cervantes
    • 9th March 2015

    is the perfect woman looks like a barbie. very talented and creative. i
    enjoy your videos so much.

    • David Duty
    • 9th March 2015

    awesome routine video. That dinner looks so healthy and delicious. So funny
    about you and your finance.

    • Madison Miller
    • 9th March 2015

    love you workout attire!! You always have the best recipes and food!!

    • brazlovzya88
    • 9th March 2015

    So proud of you!! Glad to see you’re still standing strong! Xoxo love you! 

    • Kiana Glam
    • 9th March 2015

    Hahahaha the ending 😛 Modern couple for ya. Loved this <3

    • jenecleve1
    • 9th March 2015

    Love it! You two are so cute! I gotta get me that melatonin spray! :)

    • anna unger
    • 9th March 2015

    You make me want to take better care of my skin and live healthier:) You
    are so beautiful! 

    • Katy Hill
    • 9th March 2015

    Where did you get that melatonin spray? 

    • sherrib2011
    • 9th March 2015

    That soup looks delicious! does Ryan also eat your healthy meals?!

    • Naturally Gabby
    • 9th March 2015

    Your editing is amazing! Love that diffuser!

    • RafaDIYLifeStyle
    • 9th March 2015

    I know girlll feel ya…. candle lover right here…Lol…
    BTW This vegetarian chille looks sooo good!!!

    • Nicole Fox
    • 9th March 2015

    that bunny is really creepy!! where did you get it???

    • retwv tr Ktre
    • 9th March 2015

    You guys are so funny:)
    Great video!)

    • Janet Gatica
    • 9th March 2015

    I absolutely adore your videos! xx 

    • shesaidwhatnow
    • 9th March 2015

    So cute belly rubs boy dog? Boy dogs love them 

    • Jessica Loyola
    • 9th March 2015

    You guys are so funny!

    • Hanna k
    • 9th March 2015

    this video made my bad day better:))

    • Trea Marie
    • 9th March 2015

    What is the lash serum called?

    • Anthony Nilsen
    • 9th March 2015

    The ending haha killed it

    • Taylor Nicole
    • 9th March 2015

    i came across your channel an hour ago, looking for healthy breakfast ides
    and I am in love with your channel. You focus everywhere from beauty to
    health to room tips and honestly I wish every channel could be more like
    you, well done (:

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