My Skin Care Routine (Natural Products)

My most requested video! Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 Give it a thumbs up if you did! Check out http://www.blueeyedfinch.com/ for more content!! & don’t forget to …


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    • BlushingForeigner
    • 18th July 2014

    This was so helpful, Sheridan. I love your very natural approach – your
    skin is glowing and gorgeous. It’s nice to hear how you keep your sensitive
    skin fresh and happy. Great film quality and editing too! All the best…

    • Rachel Adan
    • 18th July 2014

    new subbie:)))) can you do a perfume collection?

    • Kourtney Sweet
    • 18th July 2014

    Ure so gorgeous (: U look 19 haha . How old are u ?

    • Laura Lambart
    • 18th July 2014

    Thanks for the helpful skin care tips! I’m also not a big fan of chemicals
    or expensive products. Home remedies is my thing ;P I also have very dark
    circles around my eyes and I have tried a lot of different creams and none
    seem to work! So I’ll definitely try out the one you suggested. Also heard
    that moisturizing your skin, in hawaii they use banana and honey and it
    nourishes the skin. My skin is extremely dry during the harsh winter here
    in Canada and I can’t put foundation without making it look all dry. But
    thanks again for posting this video :)

    • Brooke Mendoza
    • 18th July 2014

    aha great video. I jumped a little though to be honest when your dog parked
    aha I have headphones in & the volume is cranked so yeah aha it was funny

    • Haley Richmond
    • 18th July 2014

    Love this video! Would love to know what other things you use the vinegar

    • Kristen Speller
    • 18th July 2014

    Sheridan, So proud of you for starting your channel. Thank you for all that
    you do through your blog for our Love IS Foundation through fashion. I
    can’t wait to show the ladies your new videos! Your WONDERFUL! XO

    • Sabrina Noel Jeune
    • 18th July 2014

    Thank you for all the tips can you do an ebrow routine because they look
    really nice and show us how to clean, fill,and shape them would really love
    to see that bye.

    • Юлия Гончарова
    • 18th July 2014

    U r very beautiful

    • fany sweet
    • 18th July 2014

    The sounds that the baby makes /u

    • Ilaria Malorgio
    • 18th July 2014

    You’re so sweet! 🙂 maybe you could also give some fashion tips! 🙂 

    • awyssa wynne
    • 18th July 2014

    your skin is BEAUTIFUL! you’re absolutely gorgeous! just subscribed 🙂
    excited for more videos

    • Amber Walter
    • 18th July 2014

    Great video.
    BTW…baking soda is neutral in PH..like water, I am an aesthetician and we
    actually sometimes will use baking soda mixed with a little water on a
    client to neutralize the skin after a chemical peel. =)

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