Natural Skin Care Tips & Shaving Without Chemical Products

In this video I show natural products to use for skin care that cost little to nothing. I also show how you can shave using these products and why you should…



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  1. AblaArts says:

    orrrrr you could grow a massive beard :D

  2. d4anc says:

    wonderful video. thanks again :]

  3. KeizerXillian says:

    Amazing thx for the info.:)

  4. Kevin B says:

    awesome video commercial products make my skin burn,

  5. Jamie Alonge says:

    wow man! Is there anything you don’t cover. Your vids are amazing! I am a
    Tai Chi/Qi Gong teacher and that’s how I came to your vids. But I’m just so
    impressed on the depth of your tips and healthy living. The
    electro-magnetic waves vid, strecthes, now this. I’m in!

  6. Joel Cohen says:

    Thank you Sir! this is very helpful.

  7. shiela Orario says:

    im just wondering if you dont have a fresh aloe vera can you use organic
    aloe vera gel?

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