Pamela’s Products Amazing Bread Mix, 25-Pound Bag

Enjoy the aroma of fresh baked bread filling your home with Pamela’s amazing bread mix. Also great for pizza crust, bread sticks, tarts, savory entrees, even gingerbread cookies.

Product Features

  • 25-pound bag
  • Gluten free bread mix
  • Make your favorite breads, pizza crust, tart crusts, even gingerbread cookies and houses.
  • Make by hand or in the bread maker


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    • T. Johnson "Teresa"
    • 17th July 2014

    Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Flour, 25 pound bag I love this bread mix! It is really as close to regular bread that I have found since going gluten-free. This bag sets up to make 20 loaves of bread (3-1/2 cups each). You will need to add 2-1/4 tsp of yeast to the mix. I use a bread maker. Nice thing for this mix is that you can use a regular cycle and don’t need a gluten-free maker.Down side of this large sack is that it does not give you the recipe! So, here it is for a bread maker:Pamela’s Best Gluten-Free…

    • Miles Erickson
    • 17th July 2014

    Best GF bread mix at best price per pound Let’s face it: most store-bought gluten-free bread is absolutely terrible. This is the best-tasting bread mix for making fresh gluten-free bread at home. With this mix, I find that if I activate the yeast before mixing the dough and then keep the dough extra-warm after I shape it, I can get the loaf to rise just like wheat bread. Priceless!It should be noted, however, this is *not* a good mix to use for pancakes or waffles, even if you add your own baking powder. It is too…

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