Quick Chest and Back Day

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  1. cheaner1 says:

    yes finally something that’s not a leg video lol. no disrespect tho still
    love the leg videos,´╗┐

  2. SickKent says:

    Came for “Esa”. Left disappointed. ­čÖü

    Fuck you everybody goodnight!´╗┐

  3. eastcoastjordan says:

    Feel like I was watching a Steve Cook video in the beginning´╗┐

  4. Creepy Pedro says:

    Ay i coulda babysit for yo brotha amigo. I luv babis´╗┐

  5. John Ny says:

    Fun fact: Dumbells are usually believed to increase the range of motion,
    cause there’s no bar, but in actuality it hinders it, cause the weight gets
    in the way. Matt would get way more rom (especially on the decline) if he
    used a barbell.´╗┐

  6. NickFit says:

    Seriously mirin your gym’s seal row set up.´╗┐

  7. Russel Nguyen says:

    sounds like u bustin all kindzz of nutzz, ALL KINDZZZZ´╗┐

  8. flexforall2 says:
  9. mystery girl says:

    That posing ­čśë rwear ´╗┐

  10. Mike Diamonds says:

    I was Watching One of the first Gymshark Motivation videos where Lavado,
    Lex, Alon Jeff, Danny are all super shredded training . Yall need to all
    make a part two of that. Those where the days ´╗┐

  11. Dylan W says:

    I thought you hurt your chest Matt?´╗┐

  12. Innocent bystander says:

    Damn matt you strong as fuark!´╗┐

  13. Brian Wafula says:

    4:27 looks like the chest and tris aren’t the only pump you are getting

  14. Vice says:

    Dude you can place the weights on the ground until you are finished lol´╗┐

  15. rbLoric says:

    Hope to see some of your heavy 7/5/3 sets soon´╗┐

  16. rspkk0 says:

    holy fucking shit i skipped to the part where you were doing seal rows and
    didn’t see the indent in the bench, thought you fucking pressed your face
    into that shit´╗┐

  17. Bradley Wilson says:

    matt YouTube 101. You forgot to completely be a whore for legends of
    aesthetics and shill it, rookie mistake ´╗┐

  18. Get Huge says:

    Makin’ ALL KINDS of G4P sound effects in this video.´╗┐

  19. Jack Peakman says:

    Love the vid quality man, keep it up breh´╗┐

  20. A B E says:

    This video is like,

    1 minutes working out
    9 minutes explaining why he can’t workout and how he has to be done early
    and coming back on his off day to finish working out´╗┐

  21. Aaerios Gaming Channel says:

    Dedicated seal row station…hot damn. ´╗┐

  22. Penn Tarleton says:

    Why decline dumbbell bench instead of dips?´╗┐

  23. Greg Giraerts says:

    Entire upper workout? You planning on trying out a new workout routine?´╗┐

  24. Mario IFBB PRO says:

    wesome memries with this place! will never forget my 1st meetin’ with 3dmj
    community live! :)´╗┐

  25. Jason Ngo says:

    Matt can you do a workout vid with Megan too ? Ya know dual commentary and
    killing dem weights together ? :)´╗┐

  26. gabriel ortiz says:

    The video was very different from all your videos you’ve change but in a
    good way ! I’ve always looked up on your videos your one of my favorite
    youtubers! #LOA respect from Puerto Rico! ´╗┐

  27. Anthony D says:

    why do lift your head after EVERY rep on decline dumbbell press?
    any specific reason?´╗┐

  28. Quan Le says:

    Can you do a video about your current split Matt? What are you focusing on
    bringing up? I like the way you train but your training split is a little
    confusing at times.´╗┐

  29. Vendettalecce says:

    your gym has a machine made just for seal rows? fuck my gym´╗┐

  30. Truth says:

    Is this guy really natural ????? :/´╗┐

  31. AcceleratingUniverse says:

    That seal row bench is cool as fuck I wish I had one.´╗┐

  32. Evo Alpha says:

    Mirin that seal row set up´╗┐

  33. osousa. says:

    do you even shoulders bro holly fuck´╗┐

  34. Hairul Yusri says:

    Dang Matt.. u sounded unwell throughout the vid! Get well soon man!´╗┐

  35. Lukas Moesgaard says:

    Berto must be mirin that seal row station lol!´╗┐

  36. Anthony Intensity says:

    LOL at the machine/bench at 5:50, looks very fucked up to be honest. What
    ya think Matt?´╗┐

  37. Sheldon who lifts Cooper says:

    Matthew you made some serious gainzz´╗┐

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