Hey guys, a lot of you have been requesting the details of my morning skincare routine … I know it looks like a lot, cause it is .. but hey, that’s how I roll … in the mornings ;D Thanks…


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    • MissLovelyvett
    • 26th April 2015

    “Judge me, I’m high maintenance” official Tati quote of the day

    • Yajaira Dominguez
    • 26th April 2015

    Please def do a nighttime version!!

    • Joulie Sao
    • 26th April 2015

    Can I be you? You’re fabulous 

    • Sandra Brooke
    • 26th April 2015

    could you do a video on how to get rid of black heads&white heads on the
    nose area, and how to keep them from getting clogged again. thats one of my
    biggest problems, the rest of my skin is perfectly fine but i just have the
    tiny tiny bumps on my nose and me no likey 🙁 thanks

    • Vlaloca777
    • 26th April 2015

    Lmao!!! James running off with Puka! That was too cute!

    • Kristie Marie
    • 26th April 2015

    i am 24 and my skin has more movement and wrinkles than yours. sigh

    • Trina Botner
    • 26th April 2015

    I need to start finding some skincare serums and creams etc. I have a few
    but every time I use them I feel that they break me out!!! Maybe I will try
    again and see if my skin has changed yet..I have sample bottles of estee
    lauder night serum and clinique repairwear focus serum and a huge bottle of
    lancomes genefique..I just hate having break outs : /

    • ArrianC.
    • 26th April 2015

    Tati I started using a toner after I get out of the shower, and my acne has
    disappeared!! I am forever a believer in using the toner now (I use the
    mario b. one after I get out). I will try th epics stuff…not sure where
    to buy the pix stuff.

    • ZepStar12
    • 26th April 2015

    Do youtubers have to disclose if they are reviewing a product for cash
    and/or free products? I feel like Tati is honest but I don’t know about
    everyone else.

    • Sissi Nuthman
    • 26th April 2015

    So many beautiful products in here. Especially that Kate spray looks
    interesting! ❤️

    • james deaton
    • 26th April 2015

    Does the pixi toner have any exfoliant type beads or anything? I don’t
    understand how a watery liquid can exfoliate, but it sounds super neat!

    • Chlohohed
    • 26th April 2015

    Loooooooooove please do a nighttime version! 

    • dandy lion
    • 26th April 2015

    I mean, you could just not film on your balcony and that would solve the
    outside noise problem. It’s not like everyone knows you’re filming. They
    are busy living their lives. 

    • beautyhearts23
    • 26th April 2015

    really interested in the glossier brand, although 22 american dollars for
    the moisturizer seems a tad expensive lol. I don’t even live in the US lol

    • lexyheartsbeauty
    • 26th April 2015


    • Will Cook
    • 26th April 2015

    You’re so beautiful!!! And your skin is glowing. Love you Tati!!!!! xoxoo

    • Mazaya Adani
    • 26th April 2015

    This is out of topic but I’m always curious what is your current job or the
    one before you’re doing youtube? Can someone tell me? Aside being a
    youtuber of course, thanks!

    • Yaya
    • 26th April 2015

    Hehehe seeing James run lol

    • Sabrina Ayrton
    • 26th April 2015

    I think I need to try that toner, I use proactiv plus and they took the
    toner out of the three step system. I feel like I just don’t feel clean
    until I use a toner 

    • jennifer izett
    • 26th April 2015

    You look sun kissed! Are you still using the Bare Minerals Faux Tan on your

    • Usha Hossain
    • 26th April 2015

    i am always fascinated by the charm you talk with! <3

    • MSL5
    • 26th April 2015

    Best advice I can give, your face doesn’t stop where your neck begins.
    Carry your skincare all the way down to the top of your breasts. Start
    using retin A or retinols early & for those chest & sleep wrinkles that
    WILL develop on yo face? Carry your serums/moisturizer/retinols all the way
    down & learn to sleep on your back! Trust me–not easy but a must if you
    want to keep chest & face wrinkles at bay. Be well♥

    • Denise Fincher
    • 26th April 2015

    I got the same Sephora kit and love, love the Ole Henricksen foaming wash
    also. I am a huge fan of the serum also.

    • Cucamy
    • 26th April 2015

    Thank you so much for this video! 🙂 Is really interesting to compare our
    stuffs, take ideas and discover more products to put into the test, instead
    i´m from Spain and is difficult to put my hand on most of your products. I
    recommend you Thalgo for your chest, neck and face (you can see then in
    some of my videos at my Cucamy channel). Al their beauty products are great
    and professional! You’ll love them for sure! 🙂 I’ll be very interested in
    a night routine video 🙂 Muaks!

    • LiliUF
    • 26th April 2015

    That Dermal Quench looks like fun to apply lol.

    • shashakahlani
    • 26th April 2015

    ur skin is GODLIKE

    • Wrayn Vasser
    • 26th April 2015

    Loved this!!!

    • Post Grad Blonde
    • 26th April 2015

    Loved this video and definitely want to see a night one! I’m curious as to
    how you decide on your skin schedule. I’m in my early 20s and use
    anti-aging and acne products but sometimes I end up accidentally over
    treating break outs or using products too closely together and then have
    red, slightly peeling irritated skin for a few days so I’m trying to come
    up with an actual weekly schedule to stick to- what nights to use my
    retinol, when to schedule my masks, what moisturizers to use when etc. and
    would love some tips! Also any suggestions for masks that are gentle but
    still effective for fighting acne would be great. I currently stack Kate
    Somerville’s Exfolikate Acne and the Eradikate Mask that’s supposed to be
    gentle but I’m still having some issues. Also, any suggestions for products
    to calm irritated skin that won’t make me break out? I feel I go through
    this cycle where my skin is great for a while and then it gets irritated so
    I have to back off of all my treatments for a few days and then I’m okay
    for a few days but then I end up breaking out and this really complicates
    my makeup unfortunately!

    • Patricia Goodwin
    • 26th April 2015

    LOL love when James & Puka ran across the room! Great products, your skin
    looks amazing.

    • Cate Tenmatay
    • 26th April 2015

    I so understand how effective this multi-step, multi-product skin care
    routine. I follow the Korean skincare regimen and it completely changed my

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