The Real Method Of How To Price And Scan Products For Amazon FBA To Win! Online, Retail Arbitrage!

The Real Method Of How To Price And Scan Products For amazon FBA To Win Big! Retail arbitrage and online arbitrage to make an income online. This is what I d…



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  1. Money Maker says:

    I love you cody. Your my favorite youtuber. keep the videos coming. your
    so helpful.

  2. Money Maker says:

    What if you click on prime and there are 5 pages of prime sellers and if
    you were to price at the median, you would be on page 3 and no one would
    see your item. (except from outside sources)

  3. Tom The English Picker says:

    Another excellent video! I’d be interested to hear you talk about when
    pricing niche items. I often come across books that don’t have any FBA
    sellers or only one. And also when the prices are unrealistically high. It
    seems that what happens is somebody prices it high when the listing is
    created or sold out and then the next four or five people follow suit but
    this means that no one quite knows what the price should be and its all
    based on that first guy.

  4. Gleeshhy YAL says:

    Cody is dropping gems. I’m listening.

  5. Lindy Harris says:

    Cody is absolutely correct here!!! I purchased a eagle slot machine bank
    for $5 at the thrift store that had a 24000 sales rank which had 45 sellers
    low balling themselves. I priced it right in the middle on FBA and it sold
    in 3 days. The loss of profit because of low balling is amazing!!!

  6. Vince Man says:

    Great advice! You mentioned marketing your products, I am hoping you put a
    video out about here to spend your marketing dollars. I used Amazon
    marketing during Q4, is this worth it or do you have other sources? Thanks!

  7. thetruthonly4u says:

    Very interesting video Cody! Great advice.

  8. pennypinchingmom says:

    As always great video. Thank you for the insight. :}

  9. ShaunieceCooks says:

    YES, YES, I have learn a lot. Thanks for this info.

  10. Henry P says:

    Great info…thanks Cody!!

  11. crazyxmas1 says:

    So true Cody great vid again!!!

  12. Chris Godin says:

    lots of great points here Cody! I am just getting started in FBA and have
    done so because of the videos you produce…really shown a good game plan
    and given me an understanding (basic level) to start from…thanks for
    putting out great content!

  13. Larrys' Treasures says:

    Great tips Cody’ thank you!

  14. Money Maker says:

    When I find a good item in a store and list it on amazon, a few weeks later
    there’s always a gazillion more sellers and the price has dropped a bunch.
    I am always afraid that if the store continues to sell it, there will be
    more sellers and more competition at a much lower price. This makes it
    hard for me to get the margins I originally wanted. Plz help

  15. Amber Nible says:

    Hey Cody do you use amazons’ lowest price opportunities or would you
    suggest just leaving your items priced where you have them if they have
    only been listed a short time?

  16. CBasie2856 says:

    Hey, I’ve sold the same line of products! Yup, very fast line.

  17. IBPICKER says:

    Great analysis as always…thanks

  18. Lissy Marie says:

    Being a new seller, it’s so tempting to price lower. Very helpful
    perspective to keep in mind! Thanks.

  19. trinston13 says:

    Great video man!

  20. Keith Perez says:

    When pricing for FBA do you use the merchant fulfilled prices to effect
    your pricing decisions in any way?

  21. msrocgirl says:

    Cody you are great thank you for your time, you keep me motivated to keep
    on. I love this business and it keeps getting better. I have to interview a
    person for a marketing assignment in a month or so, would you be willing? I
    can’t think of anybody better for it. Thank you for all you do

  22. VlogsBy Cali says:

    Great vid.

  23. Treasure Under Trees says:

    I have watched many of your videos Cody and this one right here was the eye
    opener for me. I am one of those people that have a hard time finding items
    I come across some many possible deals only to be let down after I scan
    something, but not any more. Thank you for the information

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