Top Products for Sensitive Skin!

Decided to do a quick vid on products that I cannot live without. These products have kept my skin at bay and they are products I know I can turn too. I alwa…


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    • JTupper29
    • 28th July 2014

    Extra virgin oil works great as a natural deodorant. I have tried many of
    the natural deodorants out there and discovered (to my surprise) that this
    works better than all of them. I have no odor all day when I use this and
    as a bonus it is super moisturizing and soothing to your underarm area!!
    The large jars are somewhat unsanitary, so I usually put a smaller amount
    into a little travel size container and use that.

    • Sabrina Noorani
    • 28th July 2014

    Hi, thank you for your video. I found it helpful to watch and learn about
    products for eczema prone skin.

    I’ve suffered from eczema for a long time, around my lips, nose, and chin.
    I’m actually working on a product (website for now) to help people with
    skin issues find products that are clear of their allergens. I understand
    that each person’s skin gets triggered by different chemicals, and what i’m
    working on allows people to list the ingredients they want to avoid and see
    products that don’t have that ingredient (customizing the search for them).
    I’m starting this and I would love to get your advice. Your input would
    be really valuable. Would it be possible for us to email and chat?

    Thanks again for doing what you’re doing to help people like me. It’s
    empowering to know that there are skin products that can work on my skin,
    eczema is a constant battle for me.

    • TheMunchkin06
    • 28th July 2014


    • lyssn2me
    • 28th July 2014

    yes do it! ha ha!

    • mylalaLAN
    • 28th July 2014

    I should send you all my eos chapsticks. I have like three and I never use

    • loverpal
    • 28th July 2014

    Doesn’t the dove body wash contain sodium laureth sulfate? Are you ok using
    that on your body?

    • d5d
    • 28th July 2014

    i love cetaphil’s cream, it comes in a jar like the vani cream, and i think
    they are similar in price too. I’ve been hesitant to try vani cream, prob
    cause of the price and i’m not sure how it’ll work on me. i am currently
    using an eos lipbalm too, i have the red-ish one and i don’t like it, it
    smells nice and everything but it’s of no use. i recommend nivea lipbalm,
    it’s what i slap on after my shower, (the blue, light blue and yellow ones
    ive tried and love, in a tube form)

    • lyssn2me
    • 28th July 2014

    it does contain sodium laureth sulfate. but i have been using dove
    soap/body wash for so long it has never really affected me. it’s funny,
    because sometimes ill try another kind of natural soap and ill get itchy or
    something. ill stick to what i know for now until i see a huge reaction.

    • joseph tan
    • 28th July 2014

    how do you get rid of eczema of the face?

    • lyssn2me
    • 28th July 2014

    ooh you know for some reason I have never used the cetaphil cream in a jar!
    i should though. EOS lipbalm didn’t work for me at first, but now im
    obsessed. I’ll try nivea!

    • lyssn2me
    • 28th July 2014

    Ooh lip balms that sting scare me!! Glad they work for you though!

    • Msblackheartred
    • 28th July 2014

    ive tried a scary amout of lip balms for my ezcema dry lips and unless i
    hydrate myself on the inside enough, none of them actually hydrate my lips
    but my favorite ive been using for years is lypsol Aloha it looks like a
    glue stick. and ive recently bought blistex ointment and it stings at first
    but i think i really like that one too!

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