★ Seriously EASY NO-HEAT CURLS Hairstyle & WEN 1st-Impression | SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES

Check out WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner here! http://www.bit.ly/MakeupWearables (Open this for the Giveaway info!) Back-to-school hair tutorial: I’m going to show you how to do an easy, no-heat…


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    • MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays
    • 25th July 2014

    This reply is for @ mus4gina (your question didn’t have a reply button).
    It’s absolutely amazing for Asian hair, even if your hair is colored. I
    AM Asian lol. I was totally shocked how well it worked. Normally I have
    results like this only when I use Asian shampoos that cost way too much to
    ship to the USA. I DEF, very highly recommend this for you. But you
    need to follow their directions. :)

    • MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays
    • 25th July 2014

    Rep for @ Crystal Alvarado (no reply button): If you have frizzy hair, you
    have to dampen your hair a lot more, and “tightly” wrap it around the
    headband to stretch out your curls. xo

    • ladylikemae
    • 25th July 2014

    this is soooooo cool tina!

    • KeeptheFaith
    • 25th July 2014

    I never thought of parting my hair like that before wrapping my hair around
    a headband or paper towel. Enter me in the Wen’s giveaway btw! I’ve always
    wanted to try Wen since watching his late-night commercials.

    • Yamilette Gonzalez
    • 25th July 2014

    Hi Tina, you look wonderful like always! I have a question do you
    incorporate hair every time you put it inside the paper towel?? Im not sure
    how to explain it -.-

    • Vartika Aga
    • 25th July 2014

    Okay, I confused you with Jennifer Lawrence for a minute there, damn you
    look like her! ^O^

    • MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays
    • 25th July 2014

    New hair tutorial! Learn how to no-heat curl your hair in 5 minutes with
    paper-towel headband, AND see me turn into Wen’s biggest fan girl in this
    video. I want to correct something though, I was mistaken with the price.
    They offer the Cleansing Conditioner as a kit, so for 29.95, you get 3
    items, which make this VERY affordable *if * you’re used to using salon
    hair care items. Be sure to try out the No-Heat Curl method, it’s da
    bomb, seriously!! So easy and ZERO maintenance when you remove the rollers.
    😀 😀

    #hairstyles #wen #hairstyle #school #summer #beach #curlyhair
    #wavyhairstyles #hair #haircare #makeupwearables #cutehairstyles 

    • cynthiamarie786
    • 25th July 2014

    +MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays To help with the
    way that you use Wen, watch Chaz Dean’s videos here on Youtube. Also, I’ve
    been using Wen for many, many years now and will continue to do so. I love
    it! To help save money on Wen, shop for it on QVC. They often have very
    good prices and sets as well. Plus when Chaz is there he gives really good
    information on how to use the products. If you have any questions about my
    experience with Wen, feel free to ask :-)

    • DIiana
    • 25th July 2014

    Wow , beautiful

    • 25th July 2014


    • valerie dunning
    • 25th July 2014

    Love your videos ,this one was really good/inventive. Please enter me in
    the wen give away please.

    • daneilla avalos
    • 25th July 2014

    Can’t wait for your back to school hairstyle videos next week! I’d love for
    them to be easy videos because I know waking up early is hard enough and I
    usually run out of time to get ready so the easier the better! Hahaha love
    your channel 🙂 

    • Daisy Alejandre
    • 25th July 2014

    Enter me in the WEN giveaway

    • Sara Vartiainen
    • 25th July 2014

    Oh my gosh, so beautiful!<3 I'm definitely gonna give this a try!(: Thanks
    again of amazing tutorial!!

    • Lori Bonilla
    • 25th July 2014

    I also use Wen, the product is way too expensive but it’s worth it if u
    want your hair to grow, my hair ddnt grow as fast but when I atarted using
    Wen it grew longer faster nd my hair got so much thicker I know since my
    hair was auper thin before now it haa so much volume and thickness!

    • kds
    • 25th July 2014

    Enter me in the Wen’s giveaway! I may try this method to curl my hair, but
    how damp should your hair be before you start? Or should it be completely

    • Kelli Strong
    • 25th July 2014

    Please enter me in the Wen giveaway!! My hair could probably use some

    Also, thanks so much for the video Tina! I love how you parted your hair to
    roll in the curls:) 

    • Fer Valencia.
    • 25th July 2014

    OMG you’re beautiful !!!! Where are you from ? And you should do braids for
    the school videos

    • Sriradha Gupta
    • 26th July 2014

    Enter me in Wen’s giveaway… You’re so graceful, so elegant … I don’t
    miss any of you videos… Keep going 

    • toolazytothinkofusername
    • 26th July 2014

    Please enter me in the wens giveaway And im so happy theres a hair tutorial
    that works on stick straight Asian hair. A lot of these big curls no heat
    tutorials don’t work very well or last for a long time for me so this is
    great. Plus it looks amazing

    • Abir Guedria
    • 26th July 2014

    Hi dear Tina! it has been a long time since i wrote you , sorry girl i was
    and i’m so busy with my Master degree’s final project, i didn’t even have
    vacation this summer, i’m in Paris working 🙁 🙁 anyway, as always i watch
    your videos and as always you come up with brilliant updos 🙂 love this
    hairstyle, couldn’t be much easier 😉 🙂 hope u’r doing fine and that u’r
    enjoying summer 😉 kisses and hugs xo xo <3 

    • Lucia Yao
    • 26th July 2014

    Wait a minute did she said asian hair? Is she asian because she doesn’t
    look like one

    • Farah Hasan
    • 26th July 2014

    tina its amazing <3 but there's a method to use actual headband for curls,
    so what advantage does paper towel has over normal headband?? PS your hair
    looks amazing :* xoxo

    • lulyx11
    • 26th July 2014

    Enter me in Wen’s giveaway :)

    • Viki Spirkoska
    • 26th July 2014

    I really love your videos!Enter me in the Wen’s giveaway<3

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