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These are a few of my products which I am obsessed with at the moment. Please don’t be rude or inconsiderate because I do get nervous putting these things up…


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    • emma kelly
    • 17th July 2014

    i follow you on a few social media websites and you seem like such a
    genuine girl and you are soso beautiful with and without makeup, also you
    seem like such a cool person to be friends with :)))))) pls make more
    videos x

    • itskesha
    • 17th July 2014

    your so gorgeous without your makeup on! i admire it :’)

    • sandra demirovic
    • 17th July 2014

    Do an everyday makeup tutorial 🙂 you’re gorgeous!! Keep doing what you’re
    doing chick xx

    • Chelsea Hua
    • 17th July 2014

    you’re stunning without make up Kelly! Xx

    • Macci Musuruca
    • 17th July 2014

    Loved it! 🙂 x

    • grasshopperyouth
    • 17th July 2014
    • Moe Syzlak
    • 17th July 2014

    i’m moe 

    • Keshi O'Halloram
    • 17th July 2014

    please do a make up tutorial on insta your eye liner wings are perfect!

    • Eleanor Garvey
    • 17th July 2014

    what skin type are you dry/oily/combination? xx

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