30-Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Let NYC-based celebrity trainer Adam Rosante lead you through his kick-ass bodyweight bootcamp workout. It’s 30 minutes that will leave you dripping with swe…


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    • Lauren Loomis
    • 11th January 2015

    Way to chatty and fixing of his hair, high fiving each other. A 30 minute
    workout with 12 minutes of exercises–bah

    • Warrior Girl
    • 11th January 2015

    This guy has the body type I will never like, no matter how much the media
    glorifies it. Muscles that look like clubs, abs that look like basket
    balls, and the bottom half of the body barely managing to support the top
    half…yuck. These guys look like apes.

    • POPSUGAR Fitness
    • 11th January 2015

    Ready for 30 minutes of sweat?

    • Mikayle Burrell
    • 11th January 2015

    oh my god even with my frequent breaks i am soaked!!! love this workout!
    Adam is so motivational.

    • Emily Flores
    • 11th January 2015

    I can honestly say I hate you Adam, but in a good way this really pushed me
    thought I was dyeing towards the end

    • Autumn Newberry
    • 11th January 2015

    Adam is amazing!! He is so motivational in a way that’s not annoying!
    LOVED THIS!!! So glad I went till the end!

    • Amanda Clements
    • 11th January 2015

    I love how they seem like “real” people. lol.. The girls even find it a tad
    bit difficult, and is a bit silly! Normal people!!! Good job guys!

    That the they are a bit behind than the man, or that they’re not all at the
    exact same pace!

    • Rory Bore
    • 11th January 2015

    omg – this was awesome. I’m sweating in places I didn’t know I could
    sweat. More Adam please.

    • Dajenais Garrett
    • 11th January 2015

    I didnt make it all the way through. An im assuming that it was working to
    the point where i had noodles for arms an legs & couldn’t do anymore… ill
    be right back here trying to push further through tomorrow. 

    • LionRoseProductions
    • 11th January 2015

    Wow! Was that fun or what?!!
    “When you see it in your mind, that’s when
    it starts to move into your body”
    I loved that!

    • Amy J
    • 11th January 2015

    Absolutely love this workout, please bring back Adam! He is so cheerful,
    makes me want to finish it :)

    • life Now or never
    • 11th January 2015

    I need more movement, this exercise is too slow for me…

    • joslyn j
    • 11th January 2015

    I really liked this workout. I’ve tried and seen a lot of workouts, but
    this was the most creative, I’ve never done any of those exercises before.
    Plus that guy is hot. 

    • cassie spencer
    • 11th January 2015

    Just watching this has made me feel tired lol im definitely going to try
    this workout x

    • NancieD.♛
    • 11th January 2015

    This workout right here….AMAZING!! :D

    • EmeraldRosemarin
    • 11th January 2015

    This video looks awesome, and I can’t wait to try it, but did anyone else
    notice how the trainer looks like he could be brother to Kili and Fili from
    the hobbit?

    • Stephanie Higgins
    • 11th January 2015

    Love. This. Workout. Thank you Adam and Popsugar team! Literally dripping
    as I type this response! 

    • Veronica Vixen
    • 11th January 2015

    I have been working out for awhile and had plateaued and while looking for
    a more intense work out that was low impact on my knees (no jumping ect) I
    came across this work out. OMFG it is intense. Yesterday (day 1) I almost
    quit after the 2nd rep but pushed through and finished. I felt this work
    out in EVERY muscle of my body throughout the day, into this morning and
    doing it again only intensified that. Thank you Adam and team! 

    • Sara Kabaam
    • 12th January 2015

    this guy has some great energy! definitely helped me keep going!

    • pearl Jae
    • 12th January 2015

    When I hop or jump, my ankles hurt.. They burn… 

    • Whitlee Neuens
    • 12th January 2015

    Loved this! Great workout and Adam is very motivating and makes me smile! 

    • llora1000
    • 12th January 2015

    I like bodyweight workouts. 

    • 1234OTAKUANIME
    • 12th January 2015

    Too much talking, more instructing!

    • Leigh Nadel
    • 12th January 2015

    Very nice. Would love to have something like this incorporating hand
    weights :)

    • Shei Love
    • 12th January 2015

    BEST.FULL.BODY.WORK.OUT.EVER. I’ve been doing practically ALL your workouts
    (and when I say “all”, I mean all). So far, this has been the best
    collaboration of them all. Adam is great and with such a great personality.
    You should really do more videos with him! GREAT WORKOUT! 

    • Angela Wallace
    • 12th January 2015

    Amazing full body workout – a very sweaty end result but feeling great!

    • annnnnalee
    • 12th January 2015

    Please make more of these workouts with Adam! I loved this!!!

    • carla adams
    • 12th January 2015

    As a fitness instructor, I really liked his instructing/talking. He was
    commenting on everything I remind my class participants of, during my
    classes. If it was not tough enough, maybe do another round, or add some
    jumping jacks or run in place in between each set.

    • Ana Luisa Alves
    • 12th January 2015

    SHUT UP! only 15 minutes exercise….the rest is all talking… -.-

    • Siti Aisyah
    • 12th January 2015

    +Hanna Begam Try this one if you need some challenge. 😉 

    • Renata Scheili
    • 12th January 2015

    WOW. Great workout, and even though I’m dripping with sweat Adam made me
    smile the entire time! Felt like I wanted to high five with him through the
    screen, haha! I’ll definitely do this workout regularly, I felt so
    motivated all along, and proud when I finished. Thanks Adam! X

    • Laura Rohner
    • 12th January 2015

    This workout and I have a love hate relationship….. It kills me every
    time but I love it because I know it is working for me. 

    • Allopexx
    • 12th January 2015

    Really enjoyed this. I sweated the most thatI ever had! Adam also makes the
    class very entertaining! I found myself crackign up with laughter quite

    • Carmela Kappel
    • 12th January 2015

    Loved the workout! Thanks Adam and Popsugar Fitness! 

    • Electrotuto
    • 12th January 2015

    Excellent entrainement. merci

    • Gina Schwieger
    • 12th January 2015

    Is it okay if it takes me longer than 30 minutes? I completed it though!

    • roselin8882
    • 12th January 2015

    Dang how many calories does this workout burn? looks fun i need to do it!!

    • Athena V
    • 12th January 2015

    more talking than workout :S

    • Kirthana Rajendran
    • 12th January 2015

    Thank u so much for the motivation! It was a great workout:-)

    • Andrea Tijerina
    • 12th January 2015

    Amo todos los videos de Popsugar, me agrada que especifiquen movimientos
    para los que estamos empezando o a los que se nos hace difícil algunos
    ejercicios :)

    • Hemangini Shah
    • 12th January 2015

    How many calories can u burn? 

    • Maila jennifer
    • 12th January 2015

    I love popsugar fitness .. daily i do my workout with popsugar team at my
    home..m but now am worried you tube is banned in my country… popsugar
    site is not opning at my phone.. … when i try open it… show me your isp
    or network has been banned… what i do… 

    • Anisha Perez
    • 12th January 2015

    Crushed it. Loved it. More Please!

    • Lauren Leatherman
    • 12th January 2015

    Really liked this workout! At first it seemed a bit easy, but the intensity
    really built. Thank you for posting!

    • Guilty Stalker
    • 12th January 2015

    Did my first time, will move to another sugar workout, doing this three
    times is too intense for me at the moment!

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