Affordable Ring Light – Neewer Unboxing and quick review

Link to Neewer ring light I purchased : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O1UCE5E?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B00O1UCE5E&linkCode=xm2&tag=queenrozen-20 Dimable Ring Light …


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    • Queenii Rozenblad
    • 13th March 2015

    I do not attach my camera to my ring light I use a tripod behind my camera
    I have my diva ring light on a soft box stand =)

    • Queenii Rozenblad
    • 13th March 2015

    Hey loves I found a dimable ring light! for a great price! I added the link
    to it in the description box right under the Link for the light I am
    showing you in this video =) Hope it helps!
    Link :

    • Queenii Rozenblad
    • 13th March 2015

    I use a 18 inch diva ring light I bought two years ago for $250 , it gave
    me problems in the beginning but seems to be kinda okay now , the dimmer
    has issues. The site I got it from doesn’t seem to have it any more i’m not

    • Rahina Kumai
    • 13th March 2015

    yesss Queenii i got the same ring light except mines is the dimmable one
    and the dimmable one is $20 extra when i got it. on that same link u can
    click the other box which is the dimmable one. i prefer the dimmable one
    bcuz the dimmer really comes in handy but i love the ring light and btw is
    by the same brand as well. btw u have to attach the light urself to the
    little clear things inside the light i love mine. i also got a mini ball
    point head from ebay for like $5 and i use it to attach it to the top of
    the ring light and thats how im able to attach my camera to the ring light
    without an extra tripod for it.

    • Marielaq81
    • 13th March 2015

    Thank you for sharing this unboxing! Mess going to ask you where you got
    your ring light, any way you can leave the direct link of the diva ring
    light? I did my search and there are a few like, diva ring light nova, diva
    halo ring light nova, I can’t keep up it them lol. I would appreciate

    • Absolutely Erica
    • 13th March 2015

    Thanks so much. I’m in the market for a new ring light. Which kind of
    ring light are you using in the video?

    • youngsavagekae J
    • 13th March 2015

    You can use a wax paper to diffuse the light. It kind of sucks that they
    were slick unprofessional with your order. It looks like it has a lot of

    • MsCreativeDiva
    • 13th March 2015

    When you find something to diffuse please show us, I need one luv

    • Lee Achille
    • 13th March 2015

    Mine came broken! I had to pay $50 to ship it back,they only refunded me $8

    • Emmy Vargas
    • 13th March 2015

    I could tell your patience was running thin with every sigh LOL. 

    • C Babe
    • 13th March 2015

    Love it

    • Glamazon Jay
    • 13th March 2015

    Can you do a video on how to make the diffuser because I have the same
    issue with my ring light I got on Amazon as well

    • gliter702
    • 13th March 2015

    Yay thanks so much for sharing this deal

    • AllysImperial
    • 13th March 2015

    Thanks for the review, it came at the right time

    • beautyflawsnall
    • 13th March 2015

    Love this light!!! I use to have it 🙁 need it back it my life asap 

    • BeautyLikeMaureen
    • 13th March 2015

    I love it I wish it came with a diffuser and stand.

    • alexandra white
    • 13th March 2015

    What happened to.your skin care video you just uploaded 

    • LaTonya C
    • 13th March 2015


    • Asha Sharron
    • 13th March 2015

    I ordered mines from a company called flashpoint it was pancakes nicely its
    a dimmable one also for 99 dollars 

    • HeroicDisasterr
    • 13th March 2015

    Wow mine took 2days iWas like BLOOODCLAUTTT .. Lmao iHate that the stand
    came separate .

    • Teka Tenacious
    • 13th March 2015

    I’M ordering mines asap

    • Kay Monet
    • 13th March 2015

    Thanks for sharing. I was getting a bit angry with them too also. I am
    looking for one but I don’t know a thing about diffusers. Ugh!

    • BlackBarbiDoll XOXO
    • 13th March 2015

    Also I didn’t get a bag with mine but it did come lose & not attached down
    with the clips I hope you get good use out of it… If you have any
    problems hopefully they don’t give u a hard time.. I got a new one from a
    different place & it was the same price as that one 

    • Marsha Browne
    • 13th March 2015

    yaayyy!!! ive been looking at this on amazon! thanks for reviewing love

    • IamLynnette Bond
    • 13th March 2015

    Girl, wheres the link to the ring light your currently using? You look fab
    under that lighting!!! 

    • AmbraEmeraldEyes
    • 13th March 2015

    No Really I appreciate you, everything you show thats affordable is
    everything! Dam this video came right on time,I literally have this in my
    cart on amazon. Also I would like to add, that at home eyebrow clean up
    with Nairs cream GASP…life changing lol saved me some coin’t with my
    threading folks ! 

    • SaharaScentric
    • 13th March 2015

    Hey…Im an upcoming freelance photographer. From my experience, you can
    use wax paper to cover up the ring light and its nicely diffused. The paper
    will not overheat because its microwave usable for food.I know some
    photographers use aluminum foil but not directly wrapped on top. I hope
    this helps!:)

    • Chen'e Ann
    • 13th March 2015


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