Aliexpress Grace Hair Products Install Review

Hair Specs: store link: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/830320 Brazilian body wave link: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/5A-Unprocessed-Queen-Hair-Pr…


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    • Alicia Marie
    • 23rd October 2014

    Can you do a review on hair that you purchase ? Sometimes vendors send
    better hair to known YouTubers than they do to customers who actually spend
    their money on the hair ?

    • Alicia Marie
    • 23rd October 2014

    First view first comment ! Gorg as always girl ! 

    • YaVonya Hopkins
    • 23rd October 2014

    Are you going to do the video telling us how you got the color? I keep
    looking for it. I tryna figure out do I want to do the same two colors you
    did. The Aquamarine or the color you have in this video. Pleaseeeeeeeee do
    the video I’m over here dying to know girl! Lol

    • GodsDaughter
    • 23rd October 2014

    Have you already done a tutorial on that hair color ?

    • jeanika lewis
    • 23rd October 2014

    is this a wig?

    • jennifer evangelista
    • 23rd October 2014

    did u dye your leave out? you r soooo pretty girl

    • Pamela Posey
    • 23rd October 2014

    What kind of install is this?

    • Quaniyah Smith
    • 23rd October 2014

    so question.. did you like the queen hair better?? I just want great
    straight hair , minimal shedding , no tangle.

    • spoildrama7
    • 23rd October 2014

    I want to try a new vendor, would you recommend this company??? the hair
    looks flawless!

    • Jasminn Yvonn
    • 23rd October 2014
    • Andrea Davis
    • 23rd October 2014

    In your opinion, what vendor would you recommend from alliexpress? 

    • Raqui Raquel
    • 23rd October 2014

    That color is so hott!

    • YurBaybee N
    • 23rd October 2014


    • MsDevin Jones
    • 23rd October 2014

    Ive purchased the hair the beginning of this month i looove the hair too i
    do get a little tangling in the back sometimes and yes it does shed but not
    to the point where i get irritated by it but i did dye the hair blue black
    so i think the hair only does that when you dye it because like you said
    other girls on here didnt dye their hair and they said they didnt get any
    shedding or tangling. 

    • Angelina Sanders
    • 23rd October 2014

    I would like to see how you straighten it

    • minglis
    • 23rd October 2014

    love this! please tell me what brand and color dye you used to achieve this

    • Gabrielle Wellington
    • 23rd October 2014

    Yasss that colour looks good on you 🙂 can’t wait to install mine

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