Aliexpress Mocha Hair Products 1Month Review


I purchased this hair with my own money I am so pleased with this hair it’s amazing when cared for properly.


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    • Kalyn Hair
    • 5th August 2014

    Sweetie, you’re so pretty!!! I love your video.
    Any interests in hair weave, please visit my ebay store
    No Shedding / No Tangles / No Mix / AAAAA
    Can be dyed / Can be bleached / Virgin hair / Free shipping

    • James Ready
    • 5th August 2014

    Pretty;)Never heard of the Sebastian penetrate Is it conditioner? Do u
    think its better then organix?

    • Kelly101Girl
    • 5th August 2014

    Have u ever ordered from quuen hair products? Is the hair quality the

    • VolleyballAddict521
    • 5th August 2014

    Hey girl great review. What is the link to the website?

    • Sasha McCauley
    • 5th August 2014

    I think I just got a bad batch of this hair. Mine sheds SOOOO much.

    • Diamond Prue
    • 5th August 2014

    Would you recommend this hair?

    • Candi B
    • 5th August 2014

    would you recommend this hair 

    • MzBrooklyn BeYouty-Corner
    • 5th August 2014

    great review

    • annmarie25t
    • 5th August 2014

    could you please tell me how you combat the frizz

    • VonaeLoveXO
    • 5th August 2014

    I bought 2 bundles from this company, both are 20 inches. Do you think 2
    bundles is enough for a versatile sew in?

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