Aliexpress Review – Virgin Mongolian Bodywave – Qingdao Hot Hair Products Co. Ltd

Aliexpress Hot Hair Virgin Mongolian Bodywave initial review. Honestly, the quality of the hair is amazing for the price of it. I would definitely recommend …


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    • Ben Meredith
    • 6th August 2014

    Great review!!! love the hair,do you still have the link?
    also my friend Judy tell me Hot hair is very good,I want the hair like
    you.the hair is still availble now?

    • Aries Brown
    • 6th August 2014

    hi,i buy hair from another aliexpress store,the hair quality is gooood and
    price is very cheap for 6a grade hair.

    • Good Jhon
    • 6th August 2014
    • cndedema
    • 6th August 2014

    Yes,i also bought this hair from aliexpress hot hair,it’s very cheap,and
    the hair is best quality so fabulos,and i always get good serviace from hot
    hair,and this is the third time bought hair from the hot hair,and i will
    always buy from their store


    • kajackso7
    • 6th August 2014

    You are soo pretty!

    • Andrew Jiang
    • 6th August 2014

    Ohhhhh, great!!!!!
    Its from our factory! Appreciate that..
    new very hottest product is on big sale now!
    Free gift is ready for you! Limited!!
    My skype andrew.jiang18
    Whatsapp +86 15954808185

    • Green Caronline
    • 6th August 2014

    darling,you are such a beautiful lady,I buy a lot hair from Hot hair
    too,besides the mongolian body wave hair,their peruvian body wave hair is
    also amazing,
    here is the link:

    • Jie Chang
    • 6th August 2014
    • sally cui
    • 6th August 2014

    It’s amazing.Honey!
    This is another link of their store.I love the hair of this store very much!
    You can have a reference!

    • Good Jhon
    • 6th August 2014

    I love how all of the people who work for this company made accounts to
    make positive comments on the hair,lolhttp://

    • cndedema
    • 6th August 2014

    I like malaysian very much,beacause evertime i bought ther hair is
    falulosue form HOT hair,everytime i can get a good service,noi shedding,no
    tangle,very softs

    • Aries Brown
    • 6th August 2014

    i buy hair from this store.the hair is excellent,Full bundles and as soon
    as i gotit i dyed the hair and it took right away. And the hair was still
    left smooth and soft

    • Shaquiera Walker
    • 6th August 2014

    when will you post a video of your install? and do you think three bundles
    is enough for these lengths? 

    • Good Jhon
    • 6th August 2014

    You looks beautiful with our hair,this is our company hair,no shedding and
    no tangle,and can be dyed or bleached,we have many products,welcome to
    visit our store on aliexpress.

    • cndedema
    • 6th August 2014

    i am also bought many times hair from hothair,body wave,straight,deep
    wave,natural wave,kinky curly,best price,
    You’ll also like them ,maybe you can have a try

    • Nicole Wang
    • 6th August 2014

    honey, it seems that we bought hair from the same vendor.i love qingdao hot
    hair products too.

    • smith Julie
    • 6th August 2014

    hey, you are so pretty, i also want to make an video , like your show
    i bought the hair from this link.

    • Lohan Lindsay
    • 6th August 2014

    You are so beautiful!
    I also bought hair from this store
    it is very nice!

    • Grace Gai
    • 6th August 2014

    Yayyyyyyyy.Its from our factory! Appreciate that..
    new very hottest product is on big sale now!
    Free gift is ready for you! Limited!!


    • Janie Rosaleana
    • 6th August 2014

    Great & informative review ..hair looks amazing by the way .the luster of
    it is great ..not to much either .definitely will be subbing for more
    updates/installs …check out my reviews & video on my Eurasian curly hair
    from luxe virgin hair and many more ..like , comment & subscribe please ☺️

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