Amazing Hypnotic Bedtime Story A Sleep Hypnosis Fairytale That Makes You Fall Asleep

https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/amazing-hypnotic-bedtime-story/id699668060 Bored with insomnia? Please allow me to entertain you in a way that will not kee…


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    • mvjennifer
    • 12th October 2014

    Ty listen often!

    • lindsey chenier
    • 12th October 2014

    uhh THIS IS CREEEPY!!!

    • Rool Kaziu
    • 12th October 2014

    it’s really work?

    • Seanna Tibbo
    • 12th October 2014

    amazing 🙂 really helps, i listen to tour videos every night 🙂 

    • innitstrange
    • 12th October 2014

    You call this a story? lot of bullshit going on here!

    • Henry Ly
    • 12th October 2014

    not gonna lie, she put me to sleep after about ten minutes, but i was
    pretty tired to start. the voice is a bit annoying. 

    • Action Bronson
    • 12th October 2014

    absolutely shit..

    Sorry to say man.. This doesnt help me at all xD
    This windows-computer voice xD

    • Stormey roth
    • 12th October 2014

    The red orb made me scared

    • Abi C
    • 12th October 2014

    At first I found the voice slightly robotic but as it went on I found it
    more & more relaxing helped me drift off but I did have some very vivid
    dreams about being awake still an trying to sleep but dreams meant I was
    sleeping so thankyou

    • specie44
    • 12th October 2014

    So fucking annoying. I can’t sleep with this bitch trying to put me to
    sleep >.<

    • McKenzie McDonald
    • 12th October 2014

    Ok I’m wide awake now cause I keep thinking something is going to pop up
    out of nowhere 

    • gabypants
    • 12th October 2014

    No omg this was creepy

    • Anthony Cordero
    • 12th October 2014

    this sounds like a prepration voice for something

    • Miss x KittyQueen
    • 12th October 2014

    Was I the only one that had a random tear go down my cheek?

    • Movie Plex
    • 12th October 2014

    um… Actually guys, We are falling to sleep from boredom. See, These
    stories are SOOOOOOO boring, you fall asleep. True Science.

    • BlackNero31
    • 12th October 2014

    You sound like Michael Jackson 

    • Troll king
    • 12th October 2014

    Who else read the comments first to make sure that a scary pop up isn’t
    gunna happen? xD

    • Doc Ngobeni
    • 12th October 2014

    Where did the star go? 

    • Scene Manoa
    • 12th October 2014

    tbh, the voice is kinda creepy …but i wish someone else did it

    • Maria Sheikh
    • 12th October 2014

    Thanks this put my baby bro to sleep

    • Chase Ware
    • 12th October 2014

    Tysm ! Not only do I sleep, I sleep so soundly and wake up feeling awesome

    • dallas butterworth
    • 12th October 2014

    Omg I fel asleep 

    • gamemaster2k8
    • 12th October 2014

    Anyone else just keep thinking something is gunna come up in a minute and
    scare the crap out of me ? Haha couldn’t sleep cause of that thought 

    • Adam Blade
    • 12th October 2014

    Very tricky but I finally ,managed to masturbate to this.

    • Abi Willetts
    • 12th October 2014


    • blabla7568
    • 12th October 2014

    Scared the shit out of me! Theres something in the bushes.theres a big red
    orb bigger than the room I’m I’m coming at me while its dark out and I
    reach out my hand and I feel a tug and jump back several feet.WHAT THE HELL
    IS THIS!

    • Doc Ngobeni
    • 12th October 2014

    MJ is alive lol. By the way, the comments here are hilarious, And the
    bush,then the red star Jody? That scares me too, 

    • tutorialsbySST !
    • 12th October 2014

    This put me to sleep after 10 mins and the phone was in my hand when i woke
    up….. Lol, my mum said she heard strange voices coming from my room at
    night, it was my phone still playing even after i fell asleep!!!!!!

    • Hunter Terry
    • 12th October 2014

    Your story made me shit the bed ):

    • Jada Abbott
    • 12th October 2014

    Your voice scares me!!

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