Autumn/Fall Makeup | Gold Eyes & Berry Lips | Zoella

A Gold & Berry Autumn/Fall Makeup Inspired Look Hope you liked it A thumbs up would make me smile Products used.. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – http://bit.ly…


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    • VideoStar
    • 13th October 2014

    Lets start a story. I’ll start. There was once a really pretty girl

    • Emma Lopez
    • 13th October 2014

    I’m sorry Zoe I unsubscribed not because of this video 

    • iGraemeS
    • 13th October 2014

    Anyone got time to check my channel out?. just 1

    • Sprinkleofglitter
    • 13th October 2014


    • JustAnotherFangirl_x
    • 13th October 2014

    I love this look! Does anyone have any suggestions of any colour eye shadow
    that really works well with brown eyes?? Thanks x

    • Bronwyn Incledon
    • 13th October 2014

    Zoe said that amber lights was a good colour for blue eyes (which I agree
    🙂 ) does anybody know any good eyeshadows that work well with green eyes?

    • leishe madigan
    • 13th October 2014

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    Without you, the color disappears slowly,
    Without you, the trees forget the wind,
    Without you, the night is chagrined.

    Without you, my music does not amaze,
    Without you, my hours are days,
    Without you, my heart gets bored,
    Without you, my steps are too heavy and not labored.

    Without you, my thoughts prevent me from going to bed,
    Without you, I do not distinguish the horizon ahead,
    Without you, there are no heavens,
    Without you, the time forgets its reasons.

    Without you, I am afraid of the next day not chosen,
    Without you, the haze conceals the splendid ocean,
    Without you, I do not figure or picture anything pleasant,
    Without you, I am wondering this question at this moment…

    My love, where are you hidden?
    Without you, my happiness is forbidden,
    My heart without you, is not at all replete,
    My life without you, is so incomplete:)

    • BeautyLifeLydia
    • 13th October 2014

    New video? Oh my god

    • Molly England
    • 13th October 2014

    Zoe my spot collections going great but they have started to shrink after
    using this cream but its drying on the skin so coyld anyone reccomend a
    good foundation/bb cream that doesnt make me look oily but wont cling to
    the dryness around spots as i havent been able to use my regular bb cream
    as i feel it makes the spots stand out more for that reason

    • ChronicHighs
    • 13th October 2014

    You look so much younger with makeup. It’s crazy. 

    • Zondaa
    • 13th October 2014

    Do girls do this shit every morning? xD
    Damn boys just wash their face and they’re sorted

    • Romy Cullen
    • 13th October 2014

    I have brown eyes, seriously hate how awful every eye shadow looks on them
    🙁 thus far a plum colour, a dusty pink, the creamy browns, bronze or
    gold colours have been the only decent ones.
    Any ideas?

    • simplynmarie
    • 13th October 2014

    let’s make a story. I’ll start. There once was a girl named Lola

    • Cutie Caroline
    • 13th October 2014

    Anyone from America PAY ATTENTION THIS WILL BE A LIFESAVER. Zoe always
    talks about Rimmel Wake me Up foundation and in the US they have the
    concealer but not the foundation but asos sells the foundation online so
    you can get it there! Your welcome in advance (: 

    • beth duncan
    • 13th October 2014

    Just wanted to say congradulations on ur superdrug range…i love superdrug
    i go there all the time…so well done u xoxo

    • tvwears
    • 13th October 2014

    She looks better without the makeup

    • Shannon S
    • 13th October 2014

    Omg i looove this look, but i wish i knew which colours go with green eyes

    • Shaaanxo
    • 13th October 2014

    I love this look! The dark lips are gorgeous <3

    • thesheepthatwentmooo
    • 13th October 2014

    This video isn’t really aimed at me, aha, but I just love Zoe’s videos! I
    still can’t get over her eyes either. They’re the most entrancing colour!

    • Loving Lola
    • 13th October 2014

    sweetie you need to use less products and makeup on your skin, it is crying
    for help! just let it breathe hun you dont need to wear massive amounts of
    foundation everyday ur a pretty young girl! u will see ur skin will
    dramatically improve if u stop using different products and makeup just be

    • Floral Princess
    • 13th October 2014

    Your hair looks beautiful like this, love you Zoe x

    • Jake Mitchell
    • 14th October 2014

    yo yo yo Zoe is back with a new video, dont really know why I am watching
    beauty gurus ahaha but nice to see you Zoe!

    • MalinBmusic
    • 14th October 2014

    I have green eyes, which colors are pretty for my eyes?

    • Willow Rain
    • 14th October 2014

    Does anyone know a really good bronzer from boots or superdrug whih is
    quite cheap? Xxxx

    • Josie Lyon
    • 14th October 2014

    could you do a tutorial for your hairstyle pleaaase

    • bananadira
    • 14th October 2014

    this is such a gorgeous look, i love it omg but i look horrible with make
    up so i’ll have to wait a few more years to try this. not that there’s
    autumn where i live anyways.

    • Beth Freeman
    • 14th October 2014

    Hey Zoe, I watched this the day it came out but had to comment today
    because I SAW YOUR TV AD when I was watching XFACTOR 😀 YAAAYYY CONGRATS

    • Sarah Aschwanden
    • 14th October 2014

    Oh my god you are so cuteeeee! I really like your channel and one of my
    favourite seasons is autumn too! My fav seasons are autumn and winter what
    are yours? Excuse me for my bad english i am from switzerland. 

    • sandy lam
    • 14th October 2014

    how old is she?

    • Jessie Bell
    • 14th October 2014

    OMG I’ve just saw you on the TV !!!

    • Roisin
    • 14th October 2014

    You need to do another LUSH haul because they have put all their Halloween
    and winter products out ! x

    • Ava Jones
    • 14th October 2014

    My eyes are really really really really DARK blue and almost gray. Any
    ideas for eye shadow

    • Ruth Anne's LoomLasticful Channel :-)
    • 14th October 2014

    I saw your channel on TV it had a YouTube sign and it said zoella


    • Dani 〈3
    • 14th October 2014

    does anyone else just keep repeating 7:30 to 7:34 

    • Milly Williams
    • 14th October 2014

    Orderd Zoe’s Make up bag , sike <3

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