B55 Connected


Breitling reinvents the connected watch In creating its first connected chronograph, Breitling has applied a new philosophy placing the smartphone in the service of the watch so as to enhance…


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    • FokaCannel
    • 15th March 2015

    Я из твиттера вилсы :)

    • Александр Васильев
    • 16th March 2015

    (Из твиттера вилсы)

    Вот вроде и серьезный бренд, а реклама как у какого-нибудь китая

    • Brian Ronald
    • 16th March 2015

    That trailer is well over the top, but the idea is a great one.

    • Max Tsai
    • 16th March 2015

    Шта? Они сделали умные часы, чтобы можно было ими управлять с телефона?
    Привет Вилса

    • ChevyBM
    • 16th March 2015

    Very interesting watch and as a combination could be handy for pilots! Call
    me old fashioned but I still prefer my mechanical Navitimer!

    • Masaki Kost
    • 16th March 2015

    Да всем похуй из какого твиттера вы сюда пришли, тюлени 🙂 

    • Алексей Ли
    • 16th March 2015

    Носил бы с удовольствием

    • Ziutek
    • 16th March 2015

    Just in time before Apple Watch premiere :)

    • Mike Cho
    • 16th March 2015

    The functionality is sensible and seems useful, but the blue symbol that
    looks like a Wi-Fi symbol is hideous, in my very personal opinion. I would
    like to know more about its functionality, both design wise and operational

    • Asad Kazmi
    • 16th March 2015
    • Fabio Fara
    • 16th March 2015
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