Belly Love ft. Shea Moisture Products


PLEASE WATCH IN FULL HD***** This video was highly requested! This is how I care for my baby bump, and how it remains smooth and stretchmark free! PRODU…


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    • Reservechic
    • 18th September 2014

    I hope that all is well with the baby at this time. And, I certainly do
    pray that all goes well with your labor and delivery as well.

    Love the shot at the end, where you are looking ultra fly with those
    glasses on!

    • james the pregnant fan
    • 18th September 2014

    Ive always gone so crazy when seing a gigantic belly especially when its
    rubbing it smooth with belly love

    • keke bhoo
    • 18th September 2014

    Love the picture at the end of the video

    • EyeCUGorgeous
    • 18th September 2014

    How I maintain a smooth stomach throughout my pregnancy! HIGHLY REQUESTED!

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