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    • pinkabuki
    • 17th July 2014

    what colour do you wear in armani luminous silk?

    • Hayley Thompson
    • 17th July 2014

    Video responses dont exist anymore 

    • Rachel Bilouson
    • 17th July 2014

    Love the tag ! Where is the makeup bag from btw, please ?

    • Amy Addison
    • 17th July 2014

    what is your skin type?

    • Mona Kiwan
    • 17th July 2014

    What base or top coat do you use with your YSL nailpolish? I bought the
    same one but in color Bleu Majorelle and it always chips after a day!!! I
    was so surprised when you said it lasts a week on you! Thanks 🙂 

    • ElenaM
    • 17th July 2014

    I completely agree with everything you said about the YSL nail polishes,
    they are by far the best I ever tried. Yes, maybe the Chanel color
    selection is better, but on me they make little bubbles and last only 4/5
    days.. The YSL nail polishes are so easy to apply and the outcome is
    perfect even at the first layer! They are money well spent.
    For mascara I love the Diorshow one, and have you ever tried the Guerlain
    lipsticks (with the bullet-like packaging)? They are SO creamy and

    • njood bm
    • 17th July 2014

    hi , hows the quality of the clinique nail polish u have on ? does it chip
    easily ?

    • Hazeleyesinlove
    • 17th July 2014

    Wtf? By terry isn’t drugstore. Definitely not in my bank 

    • melanie Taylor
    • 17th July 2014

    When you say By Terry foundation outweighs all other drug store foundation
    you have… I don’t think By Terry is a drugstore brand… or am I
    misunderstanding what your saying?

    • Leslie Hayes
    • 17th July 2014

    Hi! Have you ever reviewed Younique Moodstruck 3D Lashes??? If not, I would
    love to send you a free mascara for you to review and put a link to my
    website under your review. Please let me know. My website is

    • Zoë Baldwin
    • 17th July 2014

    Love this TAG – so glad you did it!


    • Georgina de Pear
    • 17th July 2014

    Could you do a video on your favorite high end and affordable brushes
    please??? Thanks :)

    • Ella
    • 17th July 2014

    Get anna and lily to do this too!

    • Isabelle van der Jagt
    • 17th July 2014

    Because of you I’m going to buy Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk in New York at
    the end of april :)

    • Amy Thomas
    • 17th July 2014

    That Chanel powder is glorious. To carry it around, I bought a vintage
    compact that was empty and put some of the Chanel into it.

    • teenbeauty101channel
    • 17th July 2014

    Melanie Taylor. She means she would choose by terry over the drugstore

    • Alice Porter
    • 17th July 2014

    oooo I have my eye on that lipgloss now! My favourite nail polishes are
    Dior they just are amaazing love them love them love them! xx

    • Tram Nguyen
    • 17th July 2014

    You are literally one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’m
    hooked on the 1st time I came across your channel. Your voice is so cute
    and you’re absolutely stunning. <3

    • worldfamous945
    • 17th July 2014

    More high end makeup videos !

    • Denise Gullett
    • 17th July 2014

    I love la mer concealer for under the eyes, burberry luminous foundation ,
    and my bond no 9 saks for her perfume ;)

    • Angela Higgins
    • 17th July 2014

    Good selection of items. My fave luxury items are Chanel nail polish in
    Rouge Carat-a ltd edition a few years back. Also I’m really liking Eyeko
    fat brush mascara just now.

    • Vicki Leigh
    • 17th July 2014

    You should be on made in Chelsea…

    • M. josé Gg
    • 17th July 2014

    Great video!

    • Ju Manington
    • 17th July 2014

    Please do a tutorial on Charlotte’s gold quad x

    • jennysmith
    • 17th July 2014

    ughh I juust love your videos 🙂 can you please do a videos asking random
    girls on the street what makeup products they have in their bag ????????/

    • annie n
    • 17th July 2014

    hi amelia! can you please tell me what colour the dark ysl nail polish is?
    tnx xx

    • wthimj
    • 17th July 2014

    What’s the shade of the By Terry lipstick? it’s not listed in the blogpost

    • Charlie Butler
    • 17th July 2014

    I do really like hearing you talk about high-end products because you
    really know what you’re talking about. Sometimes, though, it seems a shame
    to hear you talk about the same products. I like to see you out of your
    comfort zone and trying out proper budget products :)

    • MissCarolinSophie
    • 17th July 2014

    Ohhh how I love that you did this tag! Happy Monday at last – despite ugly
    law exams this morning ;)

    • velreb94
    • 17th July 2014

    The sensual skin enhancer has mineral oil as a top ingredient!

    • bombrecka
    • 17th July 2014

    I love your videos, you have the best taste. Whenever I’m after a high end
    product I always go with the products you like and I’ve never been

    • e .jamescrook
    • 17th July 2014

    I get so excited when I see that you have posted a new video! More please!

    • Barcelonkaa
    • 17th July 2014

    Amelia, how old are you? xx

    • hhblab10
    • 17th July 2014

    Very nice video

    • Amelia Liana
    • 17th July 2014
    • Lisa Tomlinson
    • 17th July 2014

    Great video as usual, I agree with previous request from Jenny Smith a
    random questioning of strangers on the street about what products they have
    in their bag would be a good video idea. Thank you for video xxx

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