Buffalo Chicken Stromboli Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 871

To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website: http://www.LauraintheKitchen.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mrsvitale Official Facebook Page:…


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    • Brandon Larney
    • 29th January 2015

    New camera? looks really good. or am i just seeing things?

    • Raphael Gomes
    • 29th January 2015

    Oh wow this looks delicious Laura, I think I might give it a try for dinner

    • Claudia Estrada
    • 29th January 2015

    Haha Laura you say every recipe is easy and simple!! Too bad I’m a terrible
    cook lol

    • Sevda Ozer
    • 29th January 2015

    Could you do a Buffalo Chicken dip recipe, please?! I know it is an easy
    recipe, but every recipe I try doesn’t satisfy like an old recipe I had but
    now I’ve lost it! Or any subscribers who have a really good buffalo chicken
    dip recipe, please share!! Thank you!!!

    • CreepyRabbit14
    • 29th January 2015

    Does anyone else question their dough working abilities when watching

    • Laura in the Kitchen
    • 29th January 2015
    • don blem
    • 29th January 2015

    I’m new to cooking. what are chicken tenders? I’ve heard this in some of
    your other vids and assumed it was chicken breast, but you mentioned you
    could use breast as a substitute to tenders so now i’m confused…?

    • Sally C
    • 29th January 2015

    Stromboli doesn’t exit in Italy. The ITALIAN name for this stuff is

    • 6rockinrobin
    • 29th January 2015

    Girrrrl, you’re supposed to let that hot stuff rest for a while before you
    burn your tongue!! But, you know that! Is there a video
    to explain how easily and quickly you worked that dough?!! I’ve got to
    work on THAT technique! <3

    • Donal Skehan
    • 29th January 2015

    Holy moly! That looks like an epic Stromboli! :)

    • Nena Chérise
    • 29th January 2015

    I live in the Netherlands. Where can I buy Buffalo sauce?

    • Annie Tu
    • 29th January 2015

    What so you do if the dough breaks before you bake it with the buffalo in

    • mahreenuh
    • 30th January 2015

    In her intro, does anyone know what she’s eating in the last clip? Just

    • Jasmin Sabillion
    • 30th January 2015

    You been doing this cooking thing for more than 3 years . Get an hd camera
    and make it more professional . God dam. 

    • Z Elvy
    • 30th January 2015

    this looks so so so tasty. omg I need to make this right now ahhhhh

    • tubaforeva
    • 30th January 2015

    This looks so yummy! But I always find it hard to work with pizza dough and
    you do it so expertly that I get scared I’m going to ruin it so I never
    make the pizza dough recipes lol but I do love watching you make such
    delicious stuff! =]

    • Isha Dewitt
    • 30th January 2015

    Could you do a simple chicken teriyaki

    • Theodora
    • 30th January 2015

    Hahaha, it always makes smile when I see your reaction when you eat it
    while it’s still hot xD

    • Sel Arushanyan
    • 30th January 2015

    I just cant wait to move to the USA. I want to make every single recipe you
    made!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • 666Barbaro
    • 30th January 2015

    Every time I watch her make recipes like this, I fall in love with her!
    She’s amazing.

    • Emilly Nicole
    • 30th January 2015

    Hehe I think Joe ended that quicker than normal because he wanted to eat it
    so bad 😛 mmmm yum!! Looks amazing Laura!! I’m from Australia and get
    excited when you make buffalo chicken things 🙂 or anything cookies and
    cream, I’ve been watching you from the start and your vitale blogs! One of
    your earliest videos of your cookies and cream ice cream cake is still my
    Fav! P.s I get Soo excited when I see a new blog posted, getting my vitale
    blog fix onnn..from one of your biggest Australian fans.. I never comment
    but I’ve been with you guys the whole way..so hi from down under Joe and
    Laura! Hope you have some good news to tell us soon about the new house
    :)…that was kinda all over the place haha just a little excited because I
    know ull read this 😀 

    • icehotchilli
    • 30th January 2015

    Just made this for dinner. Oh my goodness. This is soooooooo good. I
    couldn’t resist to taste it even when I make the chicken. It’s so hard to
    wait until it’s not too hot! I totally understand the urge every time Laura
    put food right out of oven into her mouth. I don’t have any steak
    seasoning, so I used Cajun instead and used a combination of mozzarella and
    cheddar, no blue cheese, not a fan of blue cheese. I’m soooo full right now
    but I feel like I can eat one more slice haha. Thank you so much the
    awesome recipe. You rock :)

    • juan granados
    • 30th January 2015

    April Fools video idea: Joe shows us a recipe!

    • Louise Ryan
    • 30th January 2015

    This looks amazing Laura, I would like to make this however I live in
    Australia and we don’t vave Buffalo sauce so I am wondering what sort of
    flavour the sauce is so I can find something similar here? Thanks so much.

    • Nona Mz
    • 30th January 2015

    OMG laura you are genius , I’ve tried most of your recipes and all of them
    were amazing . I just want to ask you if you dont mind make a dynamite
    shrimps please !! I really want to know how to make that saouce like
    pf.chang resturant . Thank you so much for everything ☺

    • Noor Ahsan
    • 30th January 2015

    Hey Laura! Love all your videos. You’re so talented.
    Can you please make chicken biryani (indian food)? I would appreciate it so
    much :)

    • Gina R.
    • 30th January 2015

    Hi Laura. Have you ever made fried pickles? I’d love to see your take on
    them. I love all your stromboli recipes, I will definitely be making this
    one soon! 

    • Mariam Rossoshanskiy
    • 30th January 2015

    Yesterdays Blizzard made me want to make something hot, filling and good
    for my boys after they came in from shoveling snow. After I saw this vlog
    I didn’t see the recipe on http://www.LauraintheKitchen.com. So, just by watching
    this video I made this delicious dish. It was a hit! Thank you ;)

    • Nina Kr
    • 30th January 2015

    Yummy ! you present it so good, keep up the good work 🙂 

    • DerpyLukeCraft
    • 30th January 2015

    You know Luara loves her recipe when she pauses and just stays quiet for 2
    seconds and is speechless. i.e: Probably any video related to buffalo sauce

    • bpari1234
    • 30th January 2015

    I absolutely luv ur recipes but we; I think I can speak for everyone on
    this one – really enjoy it when U take the first bite, the best part of all
    ur videos :)

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