Chit Chat GRWM Purple & Pink Makeup! ♡ Girly, Glamorous & Playful!

Hiiii! 🙂 just playing around with some new makeup today! Created this pretty girly look! I hope you enjoy 🙂 xx – DRUGSTORE MAKEUP …


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    • Shaaanxo
    • 19th March 2015

    PS I now know whats happened with Limecrime (since filming this) and I
    don’t personally recommend purchasing from them – google Limecrime and
    check out their Instagram to get up to date if you’re unsure whats
    happening so you can make your own educated decision. I know I won’t be
    supporting the company any more. xx

    • Michi Mondays
    • 19th March 2015


    • kamy s
    • 19th March 2015

    How do you choose a lipstick colour to complete a look?
    You’re colour combinations are always perfect! :)

    • Vania Shalala
    • 19th March 2015

    I always love your Chit chats GRWM videos! Gorgeous! xx

    • Jackie He
    • 19th March 2015

    Shannon have you tried using sanitary pads as your shadow shields, I saw
    that from Chloe Morello, literally the most genius idea ever!!!

    • BWithEmMarie
    • 19th March 2015

    You are so amazing at makeup! I hope someday I can be as good as you!

    • Beatriz Rocha
    • 19th March 2015

    I don’t know why but I hate how makeup looks on me???? haha 🙁 I’m
    brazilian and as I have a really really low sallary, I only buy extremely
    cheap makeup cause it’s all I can have, unfortunately. I hate how it looks
    on me. Your skin looks FLAWLESS with everything on, looks so perfect, not
    oily and just… Ahhh I love it! mine looks like shit 🙁 I try to make my
    best but I always get so irritated when I see myself after putting makeup
    on for a whole half hour… Ugh :(

    • Cora LovesGlam
    • 19th March 2015

    Would any of you be willing to check out my chan.? I’ve worked extremely
    hard to get my chan. out there and am feeling like giving up 🙁 

    • Siân Stockdale
    • 19th March 2015

    good on you for expressing your thoughts about the whole lime crime
    situation! I am so disappointed about how they handled the whole situation 

    • Claudia Grace
    • 19th March 2015

    I just really have to get my thoughts out there, or else I’ll go insane.
    Shannon you mentioned in the video that the brand is cruelty free (I am a
    cruelty free user only) so that shows that you are aware that brands aren’t
    cruelty free and do test on animals, a lot of YouTuber’s do this as well,
    please don’t ignore this comment and please can you address my concern. A
    side note, I am not being hateful, I don’t approve of companies testing on
    animals when it is cruel and unnecessary, so it obviously pains and upsets
    me to see my favourite YouTuber’s buying/using products from these
    companies. Please reply to this comment Shannon!!

    • Jackie He
    • 19th March 2015

    Love your chichat videos, Shannon!

    • VannaGurly
    • 19th March 2015

    Okay I might get hate for me not knowing what it going on, but what is all
    going on about LimeCrime? I have never bought anything off of them, but I
    followed them on Instagram because I was just interested. I seen some
    things going on, but I never really knew the whole story. Can someone tell
    me please? Also this was such a pretty look! Love it!! ❤

    • Shaaanxo
    • 19th March 2015

    Hiiii! 🙂 Just playing around with some new makeup today! Enjoy 🙂 xx 

    • Kristin Nicole
    • 19th March 2015


    • Rebecca Bell
    • 19th March 2015

    Omg I can’t believe how expensive the Collection make up is in New Zealand

    • Kathy A
    • 19th March 2015

    My God you could sell ice to a polar bear!! Just when I said I absolutely
    do not need these palettes nor do i need any palette for that matter this
    video comes along and i see how gorgeous this eye look is!! 

    • outforaugust
    • 19th March 2015

    A lot of the colours on the Too Faced palette are similar but not exactly
    the same as ones in other products, is it worth getting the ones mentioned
    in the video? I followed this video with colours from the Chocolate Bar and
    the little christmas gift palette and the result was almost the same

    • Et Carter
    • 19th March 2015

    Hello again, Shaanon., To give you an update on my on-the-side talent
    production, film, and MUA business (NFP Talent) I still recommend your
    youtube channel highly for clean, fresh looks from scratch
    After almost three years of recruiting talent for film and make-up needs
    for documentaries and fashion- you consistently have a pleasant and
    high-spirited presentation. You do pretty, and practical looks without
    being pretentious or grossly “slutty” (i hate that word, but, it was is the
    word that fits many submissions I get at NFP. Well done, Shannon- keep up
    the work and I’ll keep sending viewers your way. Best regards, Et Carter
    2015 PS: This is my once every year or two letter to encourage you 🙂
    BTW, if you are thinking about a majorly sponsored tour in the US and/or
    Canada- please let me know in time to arrange some interested vendors like
    Chanel,, Rimmel, Armani, clique, etc… the earlier the notice the better

    • Kayla Nunya
    • 19th March 2015

    What are some good quality drug store foundations?

    • Sophie Ray
    • 19th March 2015

    Beautiful look! Purples my fave colour!

    • ChloeCosmetics
    • 19th March 2015

    Love this look! I love how your looks are always different. You truly are
    EXTREMELY talented!

    • Lowell Malayao
    • 19th March 2015

    Wait… What happened with limecrime??

    • Georgie Davey
    • 19th March 2015

    Love this video! And thank you for sharing where we can find Collection! I
    became obsessed with the brand while in the UK. I’ll have to check out what
    stock they have here in NZ 😀 Love the face powder if they have that here
    (just a tip :))

    • Melody Friesen
    • 19th March 2015

    Love you Shannon!! You are truly talented and amazing at editing!!
    Could you plz reply because me and my friend are true fans of you!! Thank
    for all the videos!!:)
    ❤️ ya!!:)

    • Sammy VR
    • 19th March 2015

    OMG this is like a Game of Thrones look.. A Song of Ice and Fire <3 one
    month to go!!!!

    • Savannah LaPage
    • 19th March 2015

    You are seriously my biggest inspiration. Everytime you post a new video,
    but mood goes up but a million percent. I love you Shannon & thanks for
    being you ❤️

    • Kirsten Bickford
    • 19th March 2015

    I am a lurking fan and decided I would comment tonight! I love all your
    videos you are my favorite youtuber!!! Love this look and usual you look

    • Grace Phillips
    • 19th March 2015


    • Hannah Caitens
    • 19th March 2015

    Chit chat get ready with me videos are my FAVVVVV ❤️☺️

    • AnoushkaBeauty
    • 19th March 2015

    I totally agree with you Shan! Collection is amazing and soooo affordable!
    I use their eyebrow kit and concealer and they’re amazing! However I think
    it’s a shame that the darkest shade for their concealer is still too light!
    But anyways you look gorgeous!

    • Bianca Godinez
    • 19th March 2015

    You looked gorgeous today!!! Nothing new since you always!!! Your skin
    looked beautiful even without makeup!!

    • myeshia perry
    • 19th March 2015

    Can someone tell me what happened with lime crime?

    • Zoe Alexis-Nichole
    • 19th March 2015

    Eyeshadow looks cosmic :)

    • Shelby Carroll
    • 19th March 2015

    Do you prefer dewy or matte foundation? Also please do a shakira smokey eye
    look!!!!:) PLEASE! it would make my life if you did. Love the vids;)

    • Gaby Olvera
    • 19th March 2015

    I don’t know what’s happening with lime crime!!

    • Katelyn Ngatai
    • 19th March 2015

    How is that possible?, when you wing your makeup you always look so
    flawless but when I wing my makeup I always look like I got into a fight
    with makeup and it won!!! Oh well looks like I got to keep practising!!

    You look stunning!

    • Sasha Rose
    • 19th March 2015

    Hi Shaaan! I love your channel.Xx My friend told me about your channel so I
    came and checked you out about a week ago and you are doing a amazing
    job.Xx I have a question that I want to ask you even tho you are properly
    never going to read this but oh well! Because Im only young and don’t know
    a lot about make up I wanted to ask someone that know way more then I
    do. What coral mac lipstick would you recommend because ive had a look on
    their website but couldn’t find one.Xx

    • Chloe Fimlaid
    • 19th March 2015

    such a pretty look! deff giving this one a try.
    not sure if you have one already, but you should do a in depth false lash
    tutorial! like tips and tricks. I am so horrible at applying false lashes,
    and im always nervous that im going to mess up my eye make up when applying

    • bdamz
    • 19th March 2015


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