Christmas (was) Live Show | Jamie Oliver

JUMP TO 16:45 FOR THE START. Live show is now finished. Merry Christmas Food Tubers. Same time next year?? Jamie will be joined by his family and friends and…


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    • Jamie Oliver
    • 4th January 2015

    we are live!!!

    • Sandra Lorenz
    • 4th January 2015

    In my family in germany we have gifts on christmas eve and a north german
    potato salad with sausages (the bavarian potato salad is an absolut no-go)
    on the first day of christmas we have roasted duck or roasted goose and on
    the second day of christmas we have steamed fish with veg

    • Dahiana Mendoza
    • 4th January 2015

    You’re awesome Jamie so down to earth! I totally love you’re cooking! Today
    my dad goes what would you do if there wasn’t no internet and you want to
    try one of Jamie Oliver recipes what would you do ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha from
    that hint I’m guessing it’s one of your cooking books! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    clever dad!

    • Dave Williams
    • 4th January 2015

    If you love food prep according to Jamie Oliver, you’ll love his live
    streaming Xmas Eve special. It started a few hours ago UK time so if you
    watch the replay, advance to the 16:45 mark… Merry Xmas!!

    • amreeta1984
    • 4th January 2015

    I can’t believe I was asleep when the live show happened lol!! Well, Merry
    Christmas from Canada Food Tube 🙂 I love the channel so thanks for all
    your awesome hard work. It’s simply not Christmas without one of Jamie’s
    delectable recipes 🙂 

    • gary daniels
    • 4th January 2015

    Missed this, glad it’s still available to watch, make sure I catch it next
    year though. If those were the kneck of the goose, what are giblets.

    • Alan Bayman
    • 4th January 2015

    I am going to try that gravy recipe for biscuits and gravy. Looks

    • Chris Junk Food
    • 4th January 2015

    Please check out my latest videos for some amazing Christmas and New Year’s
    Eve treats! Keyword: chocolate chocolate chocolate! 

    • Four Spoons Gluten Free Recipes
    • 4th January 2015

    Love it! Real. Authentic. And funny. Merry Christmas! 

    • lucid mimi
    • 4th January 2015

    Wishing you, your lovely family and everyone at Food Tube a Very Merry and
    Blessed Christmas! ♡☆♡

    • HolyMess420
    • 4th January 2015

    That was awesome.
    Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us.
    Happy Christmas!

    • Kestrel Feather
    • 4th January 2015

    Great show! I really enjoyed watching the whole thing. Jamie, you and
    Genaro are brilliant as always. Being an old guy, living alone in my remote
    mountain cabin (so yeah, my Christmas is just me and I don’t have anything
    special for Christmas dinner, this year a bowl of soup and some home made
    bread) your broadcast made things a little more celebratory. Cheers!

    • Maya Larks
    • 4th January 2015

    Missed this. Happy Christmas Jamie! To the cast and crew of Food Tube too!

    • Alice Parker
    • 4th January 2015

    Why are you cooking so good, Gennaro?
    I tried different types of cooking sprouts. They are not to my taste, but
    look so delicious, especially the way you cook them makes me think they
    taste better, than I remember.
    Thank you Jamie for that lovely live show. It’s a shame I missed it.
    Fortunately I can watch it uploaded. Have lovely holidays! Merry Christmas
    and happy New Year, Jamie, Gennaro and the team. Thanks a lot.

    • Lucas Simms
    • 4th January 2015

    Does anybody know what recipe, on the food tube Channel, is good for a new
    years eve party?

    • Dani Stevens
    • 4th January 2015

    LOVED EVERY MINUTE XXX Next time lets do it here in Oz 😉
    Richard you were a superstar!!!!

    • bokeflo
    • 4th January 2015

    Merry Christmas Jamie, the food looks great can I have Christmas dinner at
    your house ;-)

    • Cyndi Aiden
    • 4th January 2015

    I’ve been using your method of cooking poultry to get the skin crispy, with
    the butter, high temp, herbs under the skin. This is the best poultry I
    have ever tasted. No comparison! Thank you, Jamie and Merry Christmas!

    • oliverworld
    • 4th January 2015

    I appreciate the vegan recipes, Jamie. It’s very good of you to supply
    these for us… we should all eat a little less meat for our health and the
    environment. And it’s difficult to find flavorful recipes that I can make
    for my family. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Canada.

    • Blacks Blacker
    • 4th January 2015

    love the show only that–there is so much motion going on. next time i need
    to take some Meclizine HCl chewable tab an hour before watching your live
    videos whatever.

    • Georgie Smith
    • 4th January 2015

    Hey jamie, just thought id say that u have been my one to look up to since
    i was 9 and have always had an inspiration in cooking i am now 16 and still
    love u till this day, i was born in england, bassildon but now i live
    australia . Thank you for being the person i look upto and thanks for being
    awesome aha , i may be gojng back to england next christmas for a visit and
    would love to maybe come to a meet up or book sign ( im not sure) but just
    realky really want to meet you xx lots of love georgie

    • Daniel Barron
    • 4th January 2015

    Watching this late! But I just got Y O U with Jamie Oliver which is an
    awesome app! Which makes me wanna get off my arse and cook! I’m thinking
    pork belly!

    • The REAPER Blog
    • 4th January 2015

    To Food Tube team: Video Manager>Edit (this video)>Enhancements>Trim. You
    can cut out the first 16:45.

    • Ian De Giovannini
    • 4th January 2015

    I love this concept FoodTube! Waiting for the 2015s Christmas Live Stream.

    • Chrysanths
    • 4th January 2015

    Wishing Jamie, your loving family and all the videos hosts at FOODTube
    family a Merry Christmas filled with joy and happiness!! :)

    • nightofagypsimoon
    • 4th January 2015

    Oh no!!! I missed this! 🙁 Glad I can watch the re-run of it here on you
    tube! Greetings from FL 

    • SG GG
    • 4th January 2015

    he isnt even that good at cooking and just steals all his recipes

    • Santiago Lisboa
    • 4th January 2015

    Hey Jamie, you have been my one to look up to since I was a teenager and
    have always had an inspiration in cooking, I’m now studying culinary arts
    and still watch you, I was born in Venezuela, Caracas but now I live
    Panamá. Thank you for being the person I look up to! Merry christmas! 

    • StaceyK
    • 4th January 2015

    Great episode, missed this live this morning. annoying that you can hear
    people whispering in the background (i’m listening with headphones so might
    be more noticeable) 

    • Michael Tucker
    • 4th January 2015

    Loving this!


    • Leslie Kasza
    • 4th January 2015

    wow, thank you Jamie. I was so worried that I missed your show and here it
    is- a must every year as I cook my festive meals while watching you and
    dear Jennaro! Happy Christmas to you and yours from Bobbi in Canada.

    • Patty Ravaioli
    • 4th January 2015

    Gennaro e Jamie fantastici vi adoro. Love from Romgna (Italia)

    • donny jacob
    • 4th January 2015

    You mit not read this so I make this short I want to ask if you could made
    a foodtube Chanel for kids so you let teens and children cook meal and
    food. Please read this 

    • Guy Goldstone
    • 4th January 2015

    We use rapeseed oil in our family for roast potatoes, and it works so well.
    Also it is healthier than olive oil

    • BigRedNZ1
    • 4th January 2015

    This may have already been noted…. but AUSTRALIA does not see the world
    first. It, and rightly so, is 2nd behind NEW ZEALAND in soooo many ways.

    And a big Merry Christmas to New Zeland, from Edinburgh, and too the whole
    Jamie Oliver crew

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